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PICList Thread
'useless martian )*&&(%^ databook'
1996\09\18@095307 by Martin J. Maney

On Tue, 17 Sep 1996, Jeff Otterson/N1KDO wrote:

> How many morons does it take to fill up the piclist with total spam
> unrelated to PICs, or even microcontrollers?  Hmmm.  I could make a list
> (particularly now that I am on it...)

Yes, your presence does seem to be contributing, doesn't it?  BTW, it's
not spam.  G'wan, look it up.

> But more seriously,  why not take the useless martian mathematical
> discussions elsewhere.  If you don't know how to use a LM723, then get the
> )*&&(%^ databook.  If you need a recipe for blackened catfish, DON'T ask in
> the piclist.

I'm afraid you are expecting a much stuffier list than in fact this one
is.  I can offer no useful advice other than that if this annoys you
unbearably you might wish to start your own, stuffier, PIC list.  Mind
you, I sorta doubt that would work very well: many of the most valuable
participants in the "legitimate" discussions here have been in the Martian
discussion as well.  Not at all surprising for a bunch of assembly
programmers, really.

> Maybe Metcalfe is right when he says that the Internet will die this year.

Maybe.  Of course, if you keep predicting dire things, eventually you may
be correct, or close enough to claim that you were (cf. Jeanne Dixon et
al).  This is hardly a new prediction, though the predictors come and go
on a more or less annual basis.

> It will die of hardening of the arteries related to all the cholesterol
> soaked SPAM.

You want to be careful about confusing the colorful with the accurate.
Remember, the true name of all metaphors is "lie".  :-)

> Folks, please, this list is the "PIC microcontroller discussion list."
> Let's keep it that way.

Speaking as one who's been reading and participating in this list for a
while - when did I wander in here, about a year ago? - I feel quite
sufficently qualified to point out that this IS the way the list has
always been.  Refer to comments above about your recourses if you find
this list's culture not to your liking.

> (exasperated)

Why?  Because the list isn't quite what you thought it should be?  Sorry,
but the net, as well as life, is like that.  Often.  One advantage it has
over life is that if it gets to be too much to bear, you can just
unsubscribe.  Without it being a final decision, that is.

1996\09\19@020933 by nigelg

picon face
It's a little known fact, Microchip actually is a company based on Mars!. The
PIC assembler mnemonics are really just normal Martian text, so this ongoing
thread is particularly relevent to the PICLIST :-).

BTW, I've just come back from the pub!!.


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1996\09\19@092104 by terogers

re: Martin J. Maney et al;

Hmm, so its anarchy after all? Reminds me of kindergarten...

Demonstrating the ability to be out of control isn't a really good way
to win control, now, is it?

-- Tom Rogers VP-R&D Time Tech Inc.

1996\09\19@134746 by Martin J. Maney

On Thu, 19 Sep 1996, terogers wrote:

> re: Martin J. Maney et al;

Before I get going again, I want to state for the record that I wasn't
much interested in the specific riddle discussion that set this all off,
but until the ensuing meta-discussion got going I didn't think it was
anything out of the ordinary for this list.  And before those who dislike
that sort of thing stop reading, one bit of advice: don't TELL us how you
think the list ought to comport itself, SHOW us.  Works loads better!

Okay, now onto a reply that I probably ought not to post, but with my
name up there standing for a whole bunch of folks, most of whom I have
come to know and respect through their continued contributions to this
list, well, I just about have to.  I *will* reply in kind to private
e-mail from anyone who wants to move this out of the list.

> Hmm, so its anarchy after all? Reminds me of kindergarten...

Well, yes, all these folks who imagine that by whining that they don't
LIKE the way the school is run they can change it...

And, well, yes, it is de-facto an anarchy, pretty nearly.  If you don't
care for this, you can always unsubscribe.  But you know that, I'm sure.

> Demonstrating the ability to be out of control isn't a really good way
> to win control, now, is it?

I haven't seen anyone who appears to have any interest in control except
for those who are complaining that the list isn't what they'd like it to
be.  No offense to any of them, but so far yours is the first name to
weigh in on that side that I've seen often enough to recognize as a
regular participant (or, and here I really do want not to insult, they've
been contributing to discussions that *I* wasn't interested in.  mildy
ironic, eh?).  Seems like the control-seekers are pretty much disjoint
from the active participants - but after years of experience from BBS
message bases through international echos and groups, that doesn't really
surprise me.  If they participated more and complained less, they would
probably find they had less to complain about.  <shrug>

Here, would you like that straw control subject back now?  :-)

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