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PICList Thread
1999\02\02@033135 by chrispian khoo

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>From Mon Jan 18 14:54:29 1999
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>Sender:       pic microcontroller discussion list
>From:         Mark A Winters <RemoveMEmarkwintersTakeThisOuTspamWORLDNET.ATT.NET>
>Subject:      Re: [OT] ISD33000 Wierdness
>To:           spamBeGonePICLISTspamBeGonespamMITVMA.MIT.EDU
>Thanks for the feedback -- unfortunately the 33000 series doesn't have
>pin. All commands are sent to the 33000 using an SPI interface. That
was one
>advantage (or so I had supposed) for choosing the 33000 -- I assumed it
>would be less suseptible to "glitches" like this, since you have to
send a
>complete 8- or 16-bit command over the SPI to get it to perform an
>{Original Message removed}

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