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PICList Thread
1994\09\12@033531 by crocontroller discussion list

>Well ... This is unfortunately true also for the Microchip recomended
>crossassembler MPASM from Bytecraft. You can't use the addresses in
>the data book for files in page 1 (at least for the 16C71). You say
>there are any REAL assemblers in this area?

I don't know why everyone else seems to have a problem with page select
bits. ASPIC supports auto page select, has so for over a year, and no one
has ever reported a problem with it. It was trivial to implement, and it
supports defining register and bit labels which are visible in one or both
banks (Yes, it may need a bit of manual help once in a while, especially if
you don't follow a few sensible coding practices).

I am considering improving it even more in an upcomming release, to make it
a bit more careful about call and return tracking, but that's just gravy.
It even fixed the EEPROM routines for me so it took a while to catch on to
why others were having problems coding straight out of the '84 spec!

I am sorry that it is not available in native MAC or UNIX, but a) I have no
access to a MAC. b) No one has offered to pay me to port it, and (or) c)
registrations are no where near  high enough to support the investment (at
less than 1%).

Even in the DOS form, it should be a lot better on the MAC that PICALC or
MPASM since ASPIC is 5 - 20 times faster than MPALC, and 8 - 30 times
faster than MPASM on a PC. If there is anything I can do to make it more
compatable on a MAC I would be happy to fix it.

- Don Lekei

1994\09\13@131853 by crocontroller discussion list

OS/2 version?  Yea give me a copy too.!
BTW I am making a PIC programmer.  It will be able to program 5X,6X,7X parts.
No telling how long it will take me since I am in school and cant devote
thousands of hours to it.  But my question is how much should I ask for
it?  What would you be willing to pay for a PIC programmer like this.
And yes Don I have been listening to your conplaints about some
programmers :)  Be advised I have no intention of amking any kind of
fruity GUI for it.  It will be a lot like Parallax's programmer
interface.  Also it will support every line switch I can think of.
PS future stuff for it would do other micros too, next on my list is the
8051(it is really popular after all)

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