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PICList Thread
1996\08\21@090503 by Asian Digital

       Is there anyone can provide me info. on how to make a thermometer using

P.S. By the way, can anybody suggest where to obtain spec. of I2C bus?

Ming Tak Eric Chan________________________
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1996\08\21@101324 by Keith Dowsett

>        Is there anyone can provide me info. on how to make a thermometer using
> PIC?

What are your constraints? Easy programming? Cost? Temperature range? High
precision? Here are just a few ideas...

Easy programming - how about hanging an LM35 sensor and a cheap op-amp onto
the analog input of a 16C6xx

Low cost - use a thermistor and a 7555 or similar to make a temperature
dependent oscillator. Calibrate this in software.

Wide temperature range - use a type-K thermocouple and a AD595 cold junction
compensator/amplifier. Feed this into a 12 bit a-to-d with a serial interface.

High Precision - Use a platinum resistance thermometer and a commercial
linearisation module (or design your own if you feel brave) Feed this into a
16 bit a-to-d with a serial interface.

I hope these are some help,


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1996\08\21@102342 by Mark K Sullivan

The PIC14000 has an *internal* temperature sensor it can digitize to 16 bits.

- Mark Sullivan -

1996\08\21@103552 by Dana Frank Raymond

>Is there anyone can provide me info. on how to make a thermometer using PIC?

Well, you need a temperature sensor and some method of output. A thermostat
may have outputs to control temperature to either a fixed or variable setpoint.

An example of a temperature sensor can be found in application note AN512.
Its available in the Embedded Control Handbook and on

Regards, Dana Frank Raymond

1996\08\21@174501 by myke predko

I'm currently developing one using a thermistor I bought at Radio Shack.  It
works great, and I've got it displaying on three 7-Segment LED Displays.

The only problem is with the calibration.  I have a scheme for it that
works, but I'm having some problems with writing to the EEPROM (to save the
calibration value).

More as it happens,

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1996\08\22@184837 by hoss karoly

if you can't solve the curve-fitting then use a ds1820
as soon as I finish my soft for it I can send it to you

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