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'Stimulus files'
1998\02\03@191510 by Jim Eller

I wrote a C program to take a hex ascii input from the keyboard
that creats an RS232 stimulus file for use with the MPLAB.  Does
that sound like what you need?

>Date:  Mon, 2 Feb 1998
>From:  Mike Montgomery <spam_OUTmikeTakeThisOuTspamANALI.DEMON.CO.UK>
>Subject: Stimalus files
>       Does anyone have a util that will convert TEXT/BIN/HEX file
>   to a stimulus file to reproduce RS232 input.

'stimulus files'
1998\03\13@064217 by frak
Ok all you PIC experts, listen to this

I am a beginner at PIC pgming and I need to simulate an input to a PIN
whilst simulating my  code using MPLAB. I will need a string of
inputs (several hndered values) that need to be used every time I
read that pin in my do I do this? the Help file about
pin stimulus suggests a maximum of 12 such stimuli....what do I do?

please help.
Im am currently off the PIC LIST so pls forward any replys to

Thank you

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'stimulus files'
1999\01\11@131039 by Eric J. Marang
Can someone point me to a web resource that more fully explains the
stimulus? The only reference I have found thus far is the one page in the
MLAB manual.

Specifically,  to what is the 'insertion' point referenced with respect to
the source code, line number, clock cycles etc.?

Can you list any one or set of  I/O pins, i.e.( RB0, RB4, RA2) or is the
format fixed?

Eric J. Marang

1999\01\11@180231 by Ray Doerr

picon face
part 0 2614 bytes content-type:application/octet-stream; (decoded 7bit)

1                1                ; comment
101            0                ;comment

   To be able to use this very simple file you would start the debugger,
either single step or whatever.  Then select "Debug/Simulator Stimulus/Pin
Stimulus/Enable" from the menu.  Then select the Stimulus file you want to
use.  This will enable your file.  This still will not work.  The Stimulus
function is tied directy to the "Windows/Stop Watch" function in the menu.
Now if you click on the Zero button in the "Stop Watch" window, this will
reset the MPLAB back to cycle 0, note this does not reset the PIC simulator
function.  I guess what I am trying to explain is that every time you click
the Zero button on the "Stop Watch" window your Stimulus file will start
over again from cycle 0.  This is very usefull when you want to repeated
test the input signal on RB0.
   What I don't find usefull and have highlighted to Microchip is that it
is very clumbsy to enable and disable the Stimulus file, and there can only
be one file active at a time.  One file is fine for most cases because you
can specify multiply pins in the file, but what I have tried to do is create
multiply Stimulus files to emulate different buttons on IR remote control.
I asked Microchip to consider being able to configure a button in the Async
Stimulus window to use a certain Stimulus file, this way you could simply
enable any number of stimulus files with a simply click.
   Anyway attached is my example of a Stimulus file that I use to emulate
the CH+ button on my Sony TV Remote.

I hope this helps, if not please send me a Email and I will try to explain
it better.

Ray Doerr

{Original Message removed}

'Stimulus files'
1999\07\29@221253 by Anne Ogborn
I did the MPLAB tutorial on stimulus files and
their sample works fine.

I made this stimulus file for myself,
and it crashes MPLAB

1       0
500     1
750     0
1000    1
1500    0

I'm trying to figure out how to get around this.
Clearly MPLAB shouldn't crash, but am I doing something
wrong here? My experience is that usually when I
start using a new tool I exercise corners an experienced
user never would, so I sometimes run into bugs that
haven't been fixed.

So, does the above file look reasonable?

Need loco motors?

1999\07\29@221511 by Anne Ogborn

Never mind -
Turns out my problem was a tab on a line
by itself at bottom of file.

Anybody have an email to send MPLAB bug reports to?

Need loco motors?

1999\07\29@222232 by Anne Ogborn

Never mind -
Turns out my problem was a tab on a line
by itself at bottom of file.

Need loco motors?

1999\07\30@093413 by Darrel Johansen

picon face
Anne Ogborn wrote:
> Anybody have an email to send MPLAB bug reports to?

Best way to contact Microchip for things like this is
to go to the web site at
and choose "Knowledge Base" tab on the left.  Then
scroll to the bottom of the page and choose
"Development Systems Conference."

Microchip engineers monitor this conference
and other users help with problems here , too.

|     Darrel Johansen     |
|     tempe,  arizona     |
|  |

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