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'status register in CCS'
1999\02\09@221821 by jvd

How do you look at the status register in CCS

Jason Van Dellen
Electronic Proving Technology
ICQ # 14180767

1999\02\09@230304 by Peter Schultz

hardware registers can be mapped and use the bit_test command. If You going to check one particular bit all the time, just map that bit in the register. Reference manual page 93.
#include <YY.H>
#byte status = 0x03
    if (bit_test ( status,7))
       do something;
Good luck,
Peter Schultz
DVP Inc.
3430 Ocean View Blvd. Unit A
Glendale, CA
(818) 541-9020
Fax: (818) 541-9423

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Subject: status register in CCS

>How do you look at the status register in CCS
>Jason Van Dellen
>Electronic Proving Technology
>ICQ # 14180767

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