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PICList Thread
'speed control'
1997\06\03@091744 by rcatena

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Could the person who posted the pic speed control code please send it to
me. I though i had saved it but now i can't find it.


'speed control'
2000\01\22@135952 by Jameel Ahed
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I have been looking in the archives and have found some information on
making an R/C speed control.
Donald Frederick Wright Jr. had said there was a good article about this in
Circuit Cellar INK. In it, Chuck McMannis used the Pic to build a Electronic
Speed Control. It described in detail how it all works. I have looked and
looked and I can not find this info.  He had written this back in '96.  My
main problem is, I want to use a PIC to read a R/C receiver and then either
send out a Locked Anti-Phase Control or a Sign/Magnitude Control.    I have
done all the motor amplification.  Any code help would be much appreciated.
Thank you very much.
Jameel Ahed

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