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PICList Thread
'spammage solutions [list maintainer update]'
1995\10\12@052727 by Byron A Jeff

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> Piclist members,
> Many of the solutions proposed here with regards to thwarting spammage are
> quite workable. Unfortunately, under the current scenario, the list is
> sited at MIT and it is difficult or impossible to implement changes to list
> settings (which must all be filtered through a list maintainer maintainer
> individual).

We understand.

> I hope to have a new list prototype working by this wekend. This list will
> be sited at my home (the joys of a fractional T1) on a Mac running
> MacjorDomo and Mailshare. I am a little worried about bandwidth issues, but
> we will see.

I again offer the use of one of our machines at Clark Atlanta University.
We are fully internet connected via a full T1 and We could set up a Linux
box running MajorDomo from there. It would eliminate bandwith issues.

The hardware would be a 486-66DX/2 with 16Megs of RAM and a 340 Meg HD.

> The list will be set to reject postings from nonsubscribers. Hopefully this
> will solve our current potted meat problems.

It's a start. The other suggestions to take to heart:

- Don't allow really long messages.
- Have a bandwith limit per day for users.
- Have some kind of password to override either of the above settings.
- Have a trusted user list which isn't subject to the rules.
- Anyone caught spamming is immediately terminated.

It's really rare when someone needs to send a lot of stuff in one message.
David Tait's MIPI stuff was an example. Most SPAMS are long and drawn out.
So even if the spammer takes the time to subscribe, the above rules will
lock them out of both sending a long message or splitting it up into short

Basically this is a case of by putting a somewhat simple lock on the barn
door will prevent the spam from coming through.

One last thing. Erik posted a message saying he was out of here. That is of
course his right. However I think it would be appropriate to send him a
personal message explaining that his leaving only hurts the good folks of the
list and has no effect at all on the spammers. I'd like to see his device
independant PIC programmer. Could you talk to him Jory? Show him that we're
trying to fix it somehow.

Anyway this whole situation sucks. Let's find a way to fix it.


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