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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'Ceramic Resonators / source'
1994\12\19@230023 by crocontroller discussion list

''61 sources'
1995\03\02@025117 by John E. A.
'RESOURCE: Web interface now available'
1995\03\27@105119 by Kyler B Laird

'various (probably useless) source code available'
1995\06\07@064603 by Eric Smith
'Another IRDA source'
1995\06\21@134408 by Doug Smith

'source code'
1995\10\16@131423 by Cheang Tak Meng, Felix
1995\10\16@154123 by Falstaff
1995\10\16@175058 by Peter Jennings
'Alarm Clock Source'
1995\10\17@033524 by Neil Gillies
1995\10\17@120036 by Cheang Tak Meng, Felix
'Alarm Source Code (Help!!!!!!!)'
1995\10\19@122844 by Cheang Tak Meng, Felix
1995\10\19@130349 by Neil Gillies

'New Resource for List'
1995\11\11@215818 by sureshot
'Anyone know a source for stepper motors?'
1995\11\16@092735 by Mike Goelzer
1995\11\16@122554 by Michael Robin
1995\11\16@152826 by Don McKenzie
1995\11\16@181312 by Carl Connett
1995\11\17@200116 by John Barrowman
'PIC 16C64 current source limits'
1995\11\18@210302 by Paul Christenson [N3EOP]
1995\11\18@213252 by Mike Keitz
1995\11\18@234226 by Andrew Warren
'Sharp IR source'
1995\11\20@023956 by nigelg
'PIC 16C64 current source limits'
1995\11\20@191936 by Mike Goelzer
1995\11\20@192807 by Paul Christenson [N3EOP]

'Need source for light sensor.'
1995\12\16@093341 by Gerry Smith
1995\12\16@101404 by Chris Smolinski
1995\12\16@103311 by Chris Smolinski
1995\12\16@114937 by Claus K|hnel
1995\12\16@203847 by Gerry Smith
1995\12\16@211037 by Ronny H. Kavli
1995\12\17@113351 by John Welling
1995\12\17@133659 by rrose
1995\12\17@134737 by rrose
1995\12\18@071059 by Yano CIMTEK Automation Systems
1995\12\18@112540 by Dean Hadley
1995\12\18@134819 by Dean Hadley
1995\12\19@110407 by Dr. Russell A. Reiss

'Source of MR-11 bulbs...'
1996\04\03@235403 by Peter Homann
1996\04\08@231433 by Ken Parkyn
'Sonar sources'
1996\04\29@175252 by Daniel Holt
1996\04\29@232341 by Ben L Wirz
1996\04\30@093539 by Bruce Bowling
1996\04\30@104015 by terogers

'searching for a low price source of the pic16c84'
1996\05\04@061159 by Mohamad Shalan
'Source for LCD shutters?'
1996\05\06@123200 by Jay Shroff
'PIC Resource Roundup'
1996\05\16@152208 by Todd Peterson
1996\05\17@075709 by Rick Miller
1996\05\17@162400 by chris
1996\05\17@210145 by Tom
'Cheap source for 16c54?'
1996\05\31@140923 by Dennis Velthuis

'Clock source for SPI and I2C'
1996\06\10@082834 by Wolfram Liebchen
'Need a source for MC145051 A to D Converters.'
1996\06\20@210054 by Peter Homann

'alt source for programming software?'
1996\07\04@020024 by David E. Queen
1996\07\05@073721 by nogueira
1996\07\08@010744 by Newfound Electronics
1996\07\09@082812 by nogueira
1996\07\09@103634 by Newfound Electronics
'Need 16x1 line LCD source'
1996\07\11@114721 by David Schmidt
'Searching for SCI source code examples 16C74'
1996\07\22@220836 by NEIL GANDLER
'PIC16C84 simulator available (C++ source)'
1996\07\26@124808 by Luigi Rizzo
1996\07\26@142836 by Eric Smith
1996\07\26@144830 by Luigi Rizzo
1996\07\26@151315 by fastfwd
1996\07\30@005034 by Robert Lunn

'How do I set up _config in source code?'
1996\08\01@045749 by Dennis Frost
1996\08\01@071439 by nogueira
'LCD backlight sources'
1996\08\13@114746 by Paul Mathews
1996\08\13@120434 by Matthew Bustad
'Does anyone have source/price for 16C52s?'
1996\08\19@150245 by Byron A Jeff
1996\08\19@155504 by fastfwd
1996\08\19@155507 by John Magrane (IsMail)

'Source/program files on the list.'
1996\10\01@061307 by Keith Dowsett
'Source for PIC17C44s'
1996\10\02@133147 by myke predko
1996\10\02@185914 by John Magrane (IsMail)
1996\10\03@024003 by andrew proud
'Source for 1400's'
1996\10\17@173845 by David J. Porter
1996\10\17@200803 by David Brobst
1996\10\18@123110 by John Miskimins

'Searching for source of LED backlight 40x2 LCD mod'
1996\11\19@043852 by NEIL GANDLER
'How to get single line header (LINE SOURCE TEXT VA'
1996\11\19@181935 by Brooke
1996\11\20@170155 by siegfried.grob
'Searching for source of LED backlight 40x2 LCD mod'
1996\11\21@211935 by Kalle Pihlajasaari
'How to get single line header (LINE SOURCE TEXT VA'
1996\11\22@001135 by fastfwd

'Found direct, inexpensive source for LCD Modules'
1996\12\05@135617 by NEIL GANDLER
1996\12\05@140903 by David Schmidt
'Source of TDA1074A'
1996\12\10@210210 by simon
'Source of TDA1074A -Reply'
1996\12\11@130638 by Mark Jurras

'source for stepper controllers?'
1997\01\09@225127 by Bob Blick
1997\01\09@232820 by Todd Peterson
'source for Dallas DS1990A'
1997\01\16@075850 by Sylwester Łazar

'Wanted: Source code for COM84 programmer'
1997\02\09@154127 by Glenn Johansson
1997\02\09@160029 by Antti Lukats
'Source of PICs in the UK'
1997\02\21@081145 by Kieran Sullivan
'Pic microcontroller source'
1997\02\21@173650 by Kieran Sullivan
'12C508/509 ICP source'
1997\02\22@182742 by Jeff King
1997\02\23@164916 by Andy Kunz
1997\02\23@181426 by Peter Grey
1997\02\23@185540 by Jeff King
1997\02\24@042140 by Keith Dowsett
'Pic microcontroller source'
1997\02\24@042602 by mike
'MM5437 Digtal Noise Source'
1997\02\24@145529 by D. R. Chicotel
1997\02\24@203818 by John Payson
1997\02\24@233020 by tjaart
1997\02\25@225748 by Martin J. Maney
'MM5837 Digtal Noise Source'
1997\02\26@213840 by Marv

'Cheap, reliable PIC sources in the UK?'
1997\03\20@150708 by Jim Main
1997\03\21@031014 by Keith Dowsett
1997\03\21@041806 by all (Stephen Birchall)
1997\03\21@060139 by mike
1997\03\21@080809 by Kieran Sullivan
'How to source higher voltage & current'
1997\03\21@122236 by Scott Horton

'Erasers UV source'
1997\05\03@145650 by Daniel Nyberg
'RC Speed Control Source'
1997\05\16@092339 by Jason E. Brown
'Rc Speed Contorl Source'
1997\05\20@085724 by Jason E. Brown
'RC Speed Control Source'
1997\05\21@085103 by Malcolm Goris
1997\05\21@090516 by Andy Kunz
1997\05\21@103838 by Jason E. Brown
'source for R-2R SIP resistor network'
1997\05\25@100124 by Charles Olson
'Combining Microchip and Parallax Source Code'
1997\05\27@111953 by Ted Linn
1997\05\27@150747 by Ted Linn

'Source for IR remote?'
1997\06\03@184730 by rzeff
'DIY GAL Programmer Project source/schema uploaded.'
1997\06\06@032253 by Antti Lukats
'32/16->16Divide ASM source??'
1997\06\08@172544 by Jorgen Tapani
1997\06\08@184501 by STEENKAMP [M.ING E&E]
1997\06\10@212356 by ernie Gordon

'Constant Current source'
1997\07\02@122617 by vanes
1997\07\02@143412 by Bob Fehrenbach
1997\07\04@004405 by Harold M Hallikainen
'Help Sourceing data (Sort of PIC related)'
1997\07\22@051211 by Peter Baines

'Source Code of PICPAR9600???'
1997\08\02@103347 by protonic
'[Q]: C-source serial input (only) ?'
1997\08\26@060447 by Michael Coop
1997\08\26@083021 by Andy Kunz
1997\08\26@095806 by Martin R. Green
1997\08\26@100313 by Michael Coop
1997\08\26@112117 by Alan G. Smith
1997\08\26@125545 by Michael Coop
1997\08\26@131946 by Andy Kunz
1997\08\27@181410 by Andrew G Williams
1997\08\27@190824 by WF AUTOMA‚ĚO
1997\08\28@015940 by Jacques Vrey
1997\08\28@041747 by Mayes uk
1997\08\28@092843 by Andy Kunz
1997\08\28@102405 by mikesmith_oz
1997\08\28@133737 by Michael Coop
1997\08\28@181901 by engelec
1997\08\28@192121 by Dave Mullenix
1997\08\31@072741 by paulb

'Source code for PIC.'
1997\09\04@084249 by Jean-Pierre Bourdeau
1997\09\04@111654 by Antti Lukats
'C-source serial input (only) ?'
1997\09\06@181350 by ags
'16C84 source'
1997\09\11@020753 by TONY NIXON 54964
'Telephone modem PIC source code wanted...'
1997\09\28@071756 by Glenn Johansson
1997\09\28@105356 by Tom Mariner
1997\09\28@160825 by Eric van Es
1997\09\29@011135 by tjaart
1997\09\29@040957 by Andrew Warren
1997\09\29@111218 by Martin R. Green

'Source Code ?'
1997\10\08@032008 by lbach
1997\10\08@035656 by Andrew Warren
1997\10\08@040109 by tjaart
'16c84 resources'
1997\10\08@165828 by oortje Hanneman & Wouter van Ooijen
1997\10\08@180007 by John Payson
1997\10\08@181048 by Alan G. Smith
1997\10\08@184958 by Herbert Graf
'[Slightly OT] UV lamp source?'
1997\10\20@101044 by n/a
1997\10\20@124039 by Rildo Pragana
'Accelerometer sources?'
1997\10\30@094824 by Jeff Cesnik

'Great source for 16F84!'
1997\11\18@233602 by Alan G. Smith
1997\11\19@014652 by Douglas J.A.R.Sasse
1997\11\20@093859 by wilson
'17C756 Sources'
1997\11\21@052522 by Alec Myers
'Great source for 16F84s/and other PICs'
1997\11\21@175016 by peter
'Networking for intelligent house & PIC resources p'
1997\11\27@053412 by Frank A. Vorstenbosch
'RX_PAGER: blueprints and source for 16c84'
1997\11\28@150711 by dejan

'Need Source for DS1307'
1997\12\01@130447 by Jim Dolson
1997\12\01@141934 by WF AUTOMACAO

'[OT] CO sensors - old thread, new source'
1998\01\06@100601 by Harrison Cooper
1998\01\06@122106 by DREITEK
1998\01\06@173729 by Andrew Crane
1998\01\06@204044 by richard skinner
1998\01\06@233932 by John Griessen
1998\01\07@001616 by richard skinner
1998\01\07@092226 by Tom Rogers
1998\01\07@121606 by Ray Gardiner
1998\01\07@135424 by DREITEK
'[OT] Used oscilloscope sources?'
1998\01\20@094950 by Jeff Cesnik
1998\01\20@100852 by WF AUTOMACAO
1998\01\20@102246 by WF AUTOMACAO
1998\01\20@180302 by Bill Rininger
1998\01\20@181419 by Mitchell D. Miller
1998\01\21@083947 by Jeff Cesnik
'Source code request'
1998\01\21@213755 by Michael Kirouac
1998\01\22@020817 by David Lions
1998\01\22@050413 by Steve Lawther
1998\01\22@105819 by Michael Kirouac
'Electronic Industry Resources'
1998\01\22@154149 by Charles Kessler
'Source code request'
1998\01\22@163443 by Michael Kirouac
'[OT] Used oscilloscope sources?'
1998\01\22@174533 by richard skinner
'Need sources: Sub-Miniature motors'
1998\01\25@151700 by Craig Webb
1998\01\25@162529 by Charles Laforge

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