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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'Soil Moisture Measurement / Control Systems'
1996\07\26@152629 by Steve Davidson

'Looking for PH sensor ----->soil moisture [OT]'
2000\05\05@120526 by Alice Campbell
'[OT] microwave measurement of soil moisture (was l'
2000\05\16@012456 by Vasile Surducan

'[PIC]: garden soil moisture meter with f873'
2002\02\07@230402 by John Brown
2002\02\08@202341 by Chuck Mancuso

2002\04\12@124800 by Gary silva
2002\04\12@134718 by Gregory D Wagner
2002\04\12@201849 by Chuck Mancuso
2002\04\16@040155 by Reelf Monsees
2002\04\16@091837 by Rick C.
2002\04\16@101600 by Micro Eng
2002\04\17@055812 by marco genovesi
2002\04\17@222520 by Phil
2002\04\18@092625 by Gary silva
2002\04\18@093014 by marco genovesi
'[PIC]: still lookin for that soil sensor webpage'
2002\04\18@171147 by Micro Eng
2002\04\18@192452 by Chuck Mancuso
2002\04\22@214225 by Chuck Mancuso

'[EE] measuring soil moisture'
2003\07\15@182910 by stesquib
2003\07\16@140947 by Chuck Mancuso
2003\07\16@151356 by leary Andrew J AFRL/SNRT

'[PIC]: PH sensor for soil'
2004\09\22@094344 by Claudio Martin
2004\09\22@111603 by Mark Hore
2004\09\22@111622 by Mark Hore
2004\09\22@182035 by Lawrence Lile
2004\09\23@091051 by Morgan Olsson
2004\09\23@112146 by Richard Zinn
2004\09\24@023609 by hilip Stortz

'[EE]:: Peak Soil - Why cellulosic ethanol,biofuels'
2007\05\14@060928 by Russell McMahon
2007\05\14@062656 by Alan B. Pearce
2007\05\14@080053 by Gerhard Fiedler
2007\05\14@083316 by Russell McMahon
2007\05\14@113214 by M. Adam Davis
2007\05\14@115225 by Mike Hord
'[EE]:: Peak Soil - Why cellulosic=?utf-8?b?ZXRoYW5'
2007\05\15@085558 by Peter P.
'[EE]:: Peak Soil - Why cellulosicethanol,biofuels '
2007\05\15@092718 by Russell McMahon
'[EE]:: Peak Soil - Why=?utf-8?b?Y2VsbHVsb3NpY2V0aG'
2007\05\15@101822 by Peter P.
'[EE]:: Peak Soil - Why cellulosicethanol,biofuels '
2007\05\15@120952 by David VanHorn
'[EE]:: Peak Soil - Why=?utf-8?b?Y2VsbHVsb3NpY2V0aG'
2007\05\15@132831 by Peter P.
'[EE]:: Peak Soil - Why cellulosicethanol,biofuels '
2007\05\15@134959 by Gerhard Fiedler
'[EE]:: Peak Soil - Why cellulosic ethanol,biofuels'
2007\05\15@135506 by Gerhard Fiedler
2007\05\28@114933 by Alex Harford
2007\05\30@023101 by Russell McMahon
2007\05\30@040458 by William Chops Westfield
2007\05\30@221013 by Russell McMahon

'[EE] Soil Moisture Testing (was [OT] Greenhouse mi'
2013\05\08@125957 by Dwayne Reid

'[EE] Soil temperature sensing methods, thermodynam'
2015\10\27@221350 by James Cameron
2015\10\28@031307 by embedded systems
2015\10\28@121351 by James Holland
2015\10\28@171759 by Denny Esterline
2015\10\28@174922 by Allen Mulvey
2015\10\29@132308 by embedded systems

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