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'search robot arm or robot mobil'
1998\09\25@112445 by Yves Heilig

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           <DIV><BR><FONT face="arial, helvetica">Hello,</FONT></DIV>
           <DIV><FONT face="arial, helvetica">I will like to familiarize myself
           with the universe of the robots, as well the robots arm as the
           mobile robots, and well on using a PIC for the command.</FONT></DIV>
           <DIV><FONT face="arial, helvetica">Can somebody say to me where I
           will be able to find such a robot?


1998\09\28@020938 by Dr. Imre Bartfai

Look at
The price is rather high, though.


1998\09\28@023025 by shadedemon

picon face
Look here in robot arms section and there's a 5 axis arm
for $65.  NOT pic controlled but that's the fun..

 Chris Hostetler on the SRS list put up the diagrams etc..

This is not industrial quality I'm sure..  ;)

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