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PICList Thread
'rtfm! Renewal of your subscription ...'
2002\09\12@154202 by Robert Rolf

picon face
The instructions said 'FORWARD' the message back to the listserve, NOT REPLY.
The ">"s in front of the commands is why it is choking on your REPLY.
Delete them, and try again.

// JOB
// EOJ

Is ALL that the message needs to contain.

For those who STILL don't understand, click below


Hopefully I've formated the string correctly so that your client generates
a message with the correct content.

cdb wrote:
> Okey Dokey
> I'm sure I did what it said and this is what I got back?
> Tried three slighty different version but at least the answer was the
> same 3 times.
> Colin

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email with SET PICList DIGEST in the body

2002\09\12@192226 by M. Adam Davis

Please note that some mailers will forward email as an attachment, which
the list server will also discard.

You can simply send a email to
confirm piclist
in the body (not the subject) of the message.


Robert Rolf wrote:

{Quote hidden}

-- Going offline? Don't AutoReply us!
email with SET PICList DIGEST in the body

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