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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'1684 assembler required '
1994\06\23@054627 by Sean Lange
1994\06\23@113557 by trisys
1994\06\23@200310 by Don Lekei

'When is an automotive spec pic required in automot'
1996\05\30@055342 by NEIL GANDLER
'Determining capacators required for crystal oscill'
1996\05\30@055550 by NEIL GANDLER
1996\05\30@103433 by Mark K Sullivan

'Software work required'
1997\03\16@231738 by Peter Wintulich
1997\03\17@022620 by Don McKenzie
1997\03\17@135540 by slm5g

'PIC16C74 Info required'
1997\05\20@175913 by Mick Middleton
'in circuit programming help required pip02/com84 l'
1997\05\29@095558 by ichael Warwick

'in circuit programming help required pip02/com84 l'
1997\06\02@084803 by Eric Martens

'LCD and 16C74 Data lib required'
1997\08\05@182332 by Glen Fry
'Regular FAQ pointer required?'
1997\08\09@020142 by Russell McMahon
1997\08\10@073155 by Robert Lunn
1997\08\10@084021 by Mike
1997\08\10@091915 by Mike Smith
1997\08\10@112703 by Mike
1997\08\10@115437 by Mailing List Account
1997\08\10@164100 by Andy Kunz
1997\08\10@212624 by blunn
1997\08\10@233630 by Mailing List Account
1997\08\11@001615 by Mike Smith
1997\08\11@002648 by Mike Smith
1997\08\11@034333 by David Gould
1997\08\11@082414 by 'Grif' w. keith griffith
1997\08\11@091457 by Mike Smith
1997\08\11@105622 by Mailing List Account
1997\08\11@110241 by Engineering Department
1997\08\11@125338 by Mike
1997\08\11@184222 by Martin R. Green
1997\08\11@190500 by David Gould
1997\08\12@132004 by Eric van Es

'AN578 and IC2 Help Required'
1997\09\18@174647 by Lee Hewitt

'No PIC required to make a super-intelligent home'
1997\11\24@135259 by Glenn Johansson

'Morse decoder required'
1998\11\01@170831 by Les
1998\11\01@205521 by jamesp
1998\11\02@070315 by Keith H
1998\11\03@064751 by WF AUTOMACAO
1998\11\03@090153 by Les
1998\11\03@092810 by goflo

'Explanation required please'
1998\12\03@154203 by Goovaerts
1998\12\03@214953 by Mark Willis
1998\12\03@220831 by James Cameron

'Thermoelectric Cooler (peltier) help required.'
1999\01\22@094707 by Gerry Cox
1999\01\22@104311 by Arthur Bailey
1999\01\22@105925 by keithh
1999\01\22@155546 by Morgan Olsson
1999\01\22@155549 by Morgan Olsson
1999\01\23@161122 by Dwayne Reid
1999\01\24@061745 by paulb
1999\01\24@104228 by wwl
1999\01\24@114533 by Mike Keitz
1999\01\24@131807 by Rich Graziano
1999\01\25@053921 by paulb

'16F84 What current is required by Pin.4 @ 13(+/-1)'
1999\04\07@051650 by Dave
'16F84 Programming_voltage current required ?'
1999\04\08@020926 by Dave
'16F84 What current required for programming'
1999\04\09@002236 by Dave Vandenberg
1999\04\09@015000 by w. v. ooijen / f. hanneman
'16F84 Programming_voltage current required ?'
1999\04\09@214756 by J Nagy

'Powertip Lcd drive info required PG320240-E-A1'
1999\05\19@075250 by . Jarvis

'[OT] Spanish translator required.'
1999\06\27@214016 by Jim Robertson
1999\06\27@215103 by Tony Nixon
1999\06\27@235829 by Wagner Lipnharski
1999\06\28@020023 by Vic Lopez
1999\06\28@022131 by Jim Robertson
1999\06\30@100823 by Genesys-Ing.en Sistemas

'[OT] Spanish translator required.'
1999\07\02@232640 by Mauricio Jancic

'[OT] ORCAD V3 - how to set the required plotter'
1999\09\21@070543 by Steve Lawther
1999\09\21@091951 by John Maud
1999\09\21@092438 by Bjarne Nebelong
1999\09\21@122212 by Steve Lawther
1999\09\22@044807 by Ravi Pailoor

'[OT] ORCAD V3 - how to set the required plotter'
1999\10\09@084235 by Gilbert MORATA
1999\10\09@135155 by Dave VanHorn

'876 A/D with 10 bit required'
1999\12\21@041954 by Fernando
1999\12\22@013103 by Dr. Imre Bartfai
1999\12\22@064223 by Fernando

'(OT) RC help required'
2000\01\03@200455 by Des Bromilow
2000\01\03@222227 by Robert.Rolf
'slightly [OT]: RF assistance required (27-40 MHz)'
2000\01\26@190118 by Des Bromilow

'[OT] Info required on OEKO / AT&T power supplies'
2000\03\06@021928 by Russell McMahon
'[OT] Translator required (Argentina) (informes)'
2000\03\15@191349 by Jim Robertson
2000\03\15@193641 by Spehro Pefhany
2000\03\15@211528 by Mauricio Jancic

'[OT] Embedded Software Developer Required'
2000\04\14@190644 by wsiemens
'PIC code required'
2000\04\25@200243 by David Huisman
2000\04\26@005840 by James Michael Newton
2000\04\26@190520 by David Huisman

'[OT] Ideas for database required'
2000\06\05@030856 by David Huisman
2000\06\05@184941 by Tony Nixon

'[PICLIST] [OT] OSD required Urgently'
2000\09\12@203417 by David Huisman
2000\09\12@213259 by Lance Allen
2000\09\12@224914 by David Huisman
2000\09\12@225925 by Bob Ammerman
2000\09\12@231850 by David Huisman
2000\09\15@015153 by Mark Willis
2000\09\15@020445 by David Huisman
2000\09\15@141116 by kayode.ayandokun
2000\09\16@143555 by kayode.ayandokun

'[OT]: No Apology Required'
2000\10\13@092657 by Mark Peterson
2000\10\13@100026 by Andrew Kunz
'[PICLIST] Colour Camera modules required'
2000\10\19@175951 by David Huisman
2000\10\19@180748 by David D Snyder Hale
2000\10\19@223210 by Robert Rolf
2000\10\20@053411 by Simon Nield

'All: THE COLON IS REQUIRED [tag]: not [tag]'
2001\03\02@115242 by jamesnewton

'[PIC]:Specific Bootloader required'
2001\07\02@200355 by David Huisman
2001\07\02@234447 by Antonio L Benci
2001\07\02@235755 by David Huisman
2001\07\03@081358 by Byron A Jeff
2001\07\03@093615 by info
2001\07\03@110208 by Wollenberg, Frank
2001\07\03@111406 by Byron A Jeff
2001\07\03@114849 by miked
2001\07\03@172630 by info
'[PIC]: 8 Bit CRC code required please?'
2001\07\23@111430 by questuk
2001\07\23@143146 by mrgooch
'[PIC]: 8 Bit CRC code required please=?windows-125'
2001\07\23@145440 by Nikolai Golovchenko

'[OT]: UL certification really required?'
2001\08\07@083638 by Micro Eng
'[OT]: SA605 source required in Australia'
2001\08\13@185612 by David Huisman
'[OT]: Equipment required'
2001\08\20@233435 by David Huisman

'[PIC]: Manchester Decode routine required'
2001\09\04@010249 by David Huisman
2001\09\04@011152 by Tony Nixon
2001\09\04@012822 by Peter Grey
2001\09\04@182717 by shane

'[OT]: Help required against spammers misappropriat'
2001\10\26@070429 by Russell McMahon
2001\10\26@071904 by Kathy Quinlan
2001\10\27@183435 by M. Adam Davis
2001\10\28@045805 by steve

'[ot]: mp3 memory required per minute??'
2001\12\06@030633 by rad0
2001\12\06@043644 by ivan
2001\12\06@044648 by Bond, Peter
2001\12\06@061041 by Fabio Pereira
2001\12\06@091845 by Richard Sloan
2001\12\07@054936 by David Venz
2001\12\07@054945 by David Venz

'[OT]: Help required with Access 2000'
2002\01\07@021615 by Huisman
2002\01\09@061606 by Junque Male
'[OT]: Sensors required'
2002\01\21@051243 by Orbit Communications
2002\01\21@104840 by Roman Black

'[OT]: Megapixels required for document storage'
2002\02\11@141220 by Peter L. Peres

'[PIC]: Test Code required for RS232, USART,'
2002\03\05@153832 by Gary
2002\03\06@195640 by Larry Kayser

'[ee]: random input required'
2002\04\18@184237 by Jon Baker
2002\04\18@185153 by Jim
2002\04\18@185936 by Jim
2002\04\18@185950 by Jim
2002\04\18@190807 by Spehro Pefhany
2002\04\18@191034 by Jon Baker
2002\04\18@214026 by Bob Ammerman
'[ee]: random input required. Example given..'
2002\04\18@215136 by Antonio L Benci
2002\04\19@045528 by Alan B. Pearce
'[OT]: AGC circuit required for electret mic'
2002\04\27@100716 by Gary (REMOVE THIS)
2002\04\27@151225 by Rick C.
2002\04\27@152326 by Dwayne Reid
2002\04\27@154852 by David Covick
2002\04\28@133506 by Gaston Gagnon
2002\04\28@163430 by Cristian
2002\04\30@111124 by Scott M. Thomas

'[OT] PLD service required'
2002\11\14@113151 by Wagner Lipnharski

'[OT]: Active Cooling required for CELERON 333 ??'
2003\01\23@032746 by Martin.Buehler
2003\01\23@033944 by Jake Anderson
'Antwort: Re: Active Cooling required for CELERON '
2003\01\23@052415 by Martin.Buehler
'Active Cooling required for CELERON 333 ??'
2003\01\23@062923 by Augusto Yipmantin - OA4CVT
2003\01\23@064811 by hael Rigby-Jones
2003\01\23@083850 by M. Adam Davis
2003\01\23@124945 by Chris Carbaugh
2003\01\23@131810 by Patrick J
2003\01\23@202823 by Jake Anderson

'Very basic programmers reference sources required'
2003\03\03@110618 by Stuart Meier
2003\03\03@121838 by William Chops Westfield
2003\03\04@022940 by Charles Craft
'[PIC]: Mid-range reference manual: required readin'
2003\03\13@073834 by John Nall
2003\03\13@074904 by
2003\03\13@080134 by John Nall
2003\03\13@080959 by erholm (QAC)
2003\03\13@100554 by Lawrence Lile
2003\03\13@102711 by Ned Konz
2003\03\13@110142 by Alan B. Pearce

'[PIC]: USART -> RS232, Transceiver Chip Required?'
2003\04\14@052756 by Werner Soekoe
2003\04\14@053834 by William Chops Westfield
2003\04\14@060238 by Alan B. Pearce
2003\04\14@081448 by Olin Lathrop
2003\04\14@122419 by Byron A Jeff
2003\04\14@122531 by Herbert Graf
2003\04\14@134126 by Byron A Jeff
2003\04\14@134228 by Marc Nicholas
2003\04\15@033339 by Werner Soekoe
2003\04\15@192803 by Mike Singer
2003\04\16@044007 by Werner Soekoe
2003\04\16@083421 by D. Jay Newman
2003\04\16@083425 by Dale Botkin
2003\04\16@092559 by Werner Soekoe
2003\04\16@095310 by D. Jay Newman
2003\04\16@100732 by Russell McMahon
2003\04\16@103900 by Werner Soekoe
2003\04\16@180932 by Jinx
2003\04\16@181555 by Jinx
2003\04\16@182417 by D. Jay Newman

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