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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'[OT][TECHO] Windows XP drivers repository'
2004\10\04@072416 by Russell McMahon

'[WOT]: Public domain repository'
2005\03\29@150624 by blackcat
2005\03\29@165120 by Bradley Ferguson

'[EE] Repository of free manuals'
2006\06\19@060820 by Russell McMahon
2006\06\19@085548 by Harold Hallikainen

'[PIC] Repository?'
2007\07\13@122700 by Dr Skip
2007\07\13@130012 by John Chung
2007\07\13@130154 by Russell McMahon
2007\07\13@140237 by Bob Axtell
2007\07\13@151711 by Xiaofan Chen
2007\07\16@064559 by Alan B. Pearce
2007\07\17@113831 by Dr Skip

'[TECH] Cross platform file repository'
2009\03\26@004901 by Josh Koffman
2009\03\26@010527 by Jake Anderson
2009\03\26@010654 by Randy Glenn
2009\03\26@040223 by cdb
2009\03\26@054014 by Howard Winter
2009\03\26@100253 by Josh Koffman
2009\03\26@104931 by Ricardo de Azambuja
2009\03\26@112510 by Harold Hallikainen
2009\03\26@120024 by Josh Koffman
2009\03\26@120455 by Josh Koffman
2009\03\26@122845 by Harold Hallikainen
2009\03\26@125955 by Randy Glenn
2009\03\26@143639 by Josh Koffman
2009\03\26@145750 by Bob Blick
2009\03\26@175350 by Nate Duehr
2009\03\26@175640 by Nate Duehr
2009\03\26@232221 by Josh Koffman

'[PIC] Microchip open source repository'
2012\02\22@181239 by arocholl
2012\02\23@024809 by Vicent Colomar Prats

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