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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'[EE]: Old disk drive refurbished stepper motor'
2001\02\24@033045 by Joan Ilari
2001\02\24@045607 by David Flagg
2001\02\24@071821 by Joan Ilari
2001\02\24@092356 by Roman Black
2001\02\24@095539 by Joan Ilari
2001\02\24@122557 by Herbert Graf
2001\02\25@164546 by Peter L. Peres
2001\02\25@192243 by Robert Rolf
2001\02\26@134607 by uter van ooijen & floortje hanneman

'[OT]:: "Refurbished" Hard Disk in new PC'
2012\11\06@061059 by RussellMc
2012\11\06@065559 by Justin Richards
2012\11\06@070032 by Justin Richards
2012\11\06@093736 by John Ferrell
2012\11\06@111326 by Tamas Rudnai
2012\11\06@120606 by Sergey Dryga
2012\11\06@153212 by Dwayne Reid
2012\11\06@195957 by Tamas Rudnai

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