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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'Reading/Writing data EEPROM on 16C84 '
1994\07\03@002203 by manningc
'Magnetic Card readers & PIC's'
1994\07\15@103926 by ttkk
1994\07\15@133238 by mbmoore

'Reading fuses from file & problems w PIC locking u'
1994\08\18@161759 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\08\18@174037 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\08\18@174657 by crocontroller discussion list

'Ready for non-window pics'
1995\08\22@184517 by Mike Keitz
1995\08\22@195937 by Paul Christenson [N3EOP]
1995\08\23@005055 by Andrew Warren
1995\08\23@144349 by PETE KLAMMER

'Interrupts during table read and AN556'
1995\10\11@040818 by Scott Stephens
1995\10\12@011655 by Andrew Warren
1995\10\12@104926 by Jeff D. Pipkins
'RTCC Thread'
1995\10\19@120732 by Neil Gillies

1995\11\03@161853 by Andrew Warren
1995\11\04@043642 by Don McKenzie

'Magnetic Key Readers'
1996\03\13@233015 by Ken Parkyn
1996\03\15@220944 by Michael S. Hagberg
1996\03\16@045135 by Ken Parkyn
'phone related threads'
1996\03\20@124832 by Kevin Rhoades (X4869)
'Magnetic Key Readers'
1996\03\22@015955 by Arthur van Deursen
1996\03\24@061430 by Ken Parkyn
1996\03\26@015320 by Arthur van Deursen
1996\03\28@032725 by Arthur van Deursen

'temperature read'
1996\04\03@055658 by nogueira
1996\04\04@084151 by Mark A. Corio
1996\04\04@165730 by Scott Dattalo
1996\04\05@094539 by Mark A. Corio
1996\04\05@094539 by Mark A. Corio
1996\04\06@014329 by Scott Stephens
1996\04\06@014329 by Scott Stephens
1996\04\09@014716 by Scott Stephens
1996\04\09@023004 by Mark A. Corio
'AC current reading.'
1996\04\09@210015 by Odriozola Belden
1996\04\09@215747 by .
1996\04\09@232931 by Byron A Jeff
'Ref AC Current reading'
1996\04\10@035655 by Bob.Minchin
1996\04\10@085831 by myke predko
1996\04\10@091539 by Mike Riendeau
1996\04\10@093711 by myke predko
1996\04\10@140831 by Reginald Neale
1996\04\10@155737 by Kalle Pihlajasaari
1996\04\11@003142 by Steve Childress
'AC current reading.'
1996\04\11@203813 by cardo Amezquita
'bi-directional printer port reading'
1996\04\12@163926 by Bryan S Highland
'EEprom write and read on a 16C84'
1996\04\29@131135 by Rene Barbeau
1996\04\29@134858 by John Payson

'Reading P84's PORTA'
1996\05\07@085739 by Bill Brinkley
'Mechanically Reading A Digital Display'
1996\05\09@110112 by Martin McCormick
1996\05\09@131838 by Mark A. Corio
1996\05\09@153512 by John Safrit
'reading a mechanical display...'
1996\05\09@154521 by Harrison Cooper
'Re[2]: Mechanically Reading A Digital Display'
1996\05\09@155759 by Thomas Coonan
'reading a mechanical display...'
1996\05\09@164149 by Eric Smith
'Re[2]: Mechanically Reading A Digital Display'
1996\05\09@170454 by Martin McCormick
'reading a mechanical display...'
1996\05\09@171106 by Don McKenzie
'Re[2]: Mechanically Reading A Digital Display'
1996\05\09@172600 by Mike DeMetz
1996\05\09@192313 by Joe West
'reading a mechanical display...'
1996\05\09@202217 by David Schmidt
'Mechanically Reading A Digital Display'
1996\05\09@234730 by Bill Cornutt
1996\05\10@083035 by Mark A. Corio
'reading a mechanical display...'
1996\05\10@085356 by Rick Miller
'Mechanically Reading A Digital Display'
1996\05\10@094756 by n/a
1996\05\10@103956 by Martin McCormick
1996\05\10@120336 by Paul Haas
1996\05\10@150716 by John Payson
'reading a mechanical display...'
1996\05\10@155947 by Eric Smith
'Mechanically Reading A Digital Display'
1996\05\10@182358 by William Chops Westfield
'reading a mechanical display...'
1996\05\12@025305 by Scott Stephens
'Is is possible to read a 16C54 (Protected)'
1996\05\15@041205 by M.Dad
'reading a mechanical display...'
1996\05\15@101310 by Tom Sgouros
'Read the information !!'
1996\05\15@102324 by imeins
'PIC Operating Systems. CreateThread()'
1996\05\16@121549 by Mark Peterson
1996\05\16@134359 by David Warman
1996\05\16@140256 by Wireless Scientific
1996\05\17@071105 by Tim Drury
'Read Modify Write commands'
1996\05\17@085614 by 9 NPL, 2227
1996\05\17@122954 by John Payson
1996\05\20@061029 by 9 NPL, 2227
1996\05\20@110548 by Benjamin Tober
1996\05\20@165843 by John Payson
1996\05\20@193600 by fastfwd
'(Fwd) Re: Read Modify Write commands'
1996\05\21@011813 by fastfwd
'Cannot read Microchip PDF files!'
1996\05\28@025026 by Onat Ahmet
'Cannot read Microchip .pdf-> solved...'
1996\05\28@032838 by Onat Ahmet
'Cannot read Microchip PDF files!'
1996\05\28@062335 by fastfwd

'RS-232 interface / read write table'
1996\06\09@133113 by David S. Ebsen
1996\06\10@023804 by Jattie van der Linde
'Microchip PDF files encrypted---can't read under L'
1996\06\10@094823 by Przemek Klosowski

'BSP thread designation; NO LBC content'
1996\07\01@131133 by Mark Jurras
1996\07\01@145604 by fastfwd
1996\07\01@173934 by Clyde Smith-Stubbs
1996\07\01@174327 by Clyde Smith-Stubbs
1996\07\01@212409 by Tom
1996\07\05@075554 by Ronald Olds
1996\07\05@170843 by CMaster808
'Can 84's EEProm be read durring 10msec write delay'
1996\07\26@140539 by Dennis Frost
1996\07\26@145234 by fastfwd

'analogue reading'
1996\08\07@095401 by kevin harris
1996\08\07@174528 by Mark K Sullivan
1996\08\07@183618 by Don McKenzie
'More on EEPROM Reading and Writing'
1996\08\16@093814 by myke predko

'Digital Thermometer - How to read?'
1996\09\04@010625 by Steve Childress
1996\09\04@024755 by liebchen
'Subject: Re: Digital Thermometer - How to read?'
1996\09\05@024127 by Werner Terreblanche
'Security (longest thread ever?)'
1996\09\11@035320 by Andy Errington
1996\09\11@040530 by fastfwd
1996\09\11@044657 by antti
'The PICLIST Fund -- Please Read This'
1996\09\26@023615 by fastfwd
'Can read Microchip PDF docs on Linux now'
1996\09\26@095249 by Przemek Klosowski
'The PICLIST Fund -- Please Read This'
1996\09\27@122606 by Steve Davidson

'The PICLIST Fund -- Please Read This'
1996\10\01@114145 by Andy Errington
1996\10\01@230240 by Louis A. Mamakos
1996\10\02@003831 by Robert Lunn
1996\10\02@005531 by Louis A. Mamakos
1996\10\02@024505 by William Chops Westfield
1996\10\02@025117 by Robert Lunn
1996\10\02@091214 by Christopher Zguris
'Simple Remote I/R Reading'
1996\10\02@102938 by myke predko
'The PICLIST Fund -- Please Read This'
1996\10\02@122642 by Chuck McManis
1996\10\02@182726 by Bernie Gordon
1996\10\03@023956 by Clyde Smith-Stubbs
'Simple Remote I/R Reading'
1996\10\03@130410 by nigelg
1996\10\04@004434 by Steve Childress
'Reading Parallel Ports'
1996\10\05@135808 by Miller, Steve
'Are any of the 8 pin PICs (12C5XX) ready for prime'
1996\10\05@235931 by Paul Haas
1996\10\06@041656 by John Payson
1996\10\06@062757 by Jim Robertson
'Reading Parallel Ports -Reply'
1996\10\07@084432 by Mark Jurras
'Are any of the 8 pin PICs (12C5XX) ready for prime'
1996\10\09@182143 by Dwayne Reid
'12C5xxx 4mhz spread'
1996\10\11@185040 by Chuck McManis
'How to execute table reading ?'
1996\10\22@131703 by Dmitry Kiryashov
1996\10\24@095258 by Jim Robertson
'How to execute table reading ?'
1996\10\25@001029 by Barry Bine
1996\10\25@122759 by Eric Rossello
1996\10\28@003822 by tjaart

'PIC comparision spreadsheet'
1996\11\04@223518 by Jacob Blichfeldt
1996\11\05@081622 by Scott Walsh
1996\11\05@113000 by Juan Jose Abba
'PIC Spreadsheet'
1996\11\05@123135 by John Magrane (IsMail)
1996\11\05@144145 by optoeng
1996\11\05@162120 by John Payson
'PIC comparision spreadsheet'
1996\11\05@165217 by Gerhard Fiedler
'PIC Spreadsheet'
1996\11\05@173957 by Dmitry Kiryashov
'PIC comparision spreadsheet'
1996\11\05@174610 by Hank Gupton
'PIC Spreadsheet'
1996\11\05@182736 by John Magrane (IsMail)
1996\11\05@182932 by Lee Jones
1996\11\05@183531 by Gerhard Fiedler
'PIC comparision spreadsheet'
1996\11\05@190138 by Tony Matthews
'PIC Spreadsheet'
1996\11\06@030303 by LEE
1996\11\06@065704 by Byron A Jeff
'Spreadsheet in Tab delimited format'
1996\11\06@141512 by John Magrane (IsMail)
'Reading MIME messages'
1996\11\06@230155 by Peter J. Crowcroft
'Spreadsheet in Tab delimited format'
1996\11\07@044647 by Richard G. Thomas
1996\11\07@070436 by Gerhard Fiedler
'Reading MIME messages'
1996\11\07@070440 by Gerhard Fiedler
1996\11\07@072137 by tjaart
1996\11\07@110326 by Les Troyer
1996\11\07@120932 by Chuck McManis
1996\11\07@153525 by Thomas Vegeby
1996\11\07@165054 by Reginald Neale
'Caller ID thread that wouldn't die'
1996\11\13@234652 by Matthew Mucker
1996\11\14@003711 by Lauw Lim Un Tung
1996\11\14@074541 by Byron A Jeff
'Using PIC to read barcodes.'
1996\11\14@121138 by Mike Hogben
'PIC Spreadsheet'
1996\11\20@234751 by Norm LeMieux
1996\11\22@033154 by Andy Barnett
1996\11\22@042900 by Stuart Taylor
1996\11\22@044555 by nogueira
'Can't get MPLAB SIM register stimulus file to read'
1996\11\22@101400 by BLEGER
'PIC Spreadsheet'
1996\11\23@105035 by peter
1996\11\23@205845 by Bob Blick
1996\11\23@210920 by Don McKenzie
'Can't get MPLAB SIM register stimulus file to read'
1996\11\24@003347 by Wynn Rostek
'PIC Spreadsheet'
1996\11\24@120249 by nigelg
1996\11\24@172140 by Maris Ambats
'PIC Spreadsheet -Reply'
1996\11\24@213459 by ang (Chee Foon Tiang)
1996\11\24@213916 by Alex I. Torres
1996\11\24@230811 by Maris Ambats
1996\11\25@001557 by William Chops Westfield
1996\11\25@011436 by Clyde Smith-Stubbs
1996\11\25@162433 by metaprax
1996\11\26@171827 by Martin McCormick
1996\11\26@181807 by Clyde Smith-Stubbs
'PICMaster under NT (was: "Re: PIC Spreadsheet")'
1996\11\26@183718 by fastfwd
'PIC Spreadsheet'
1996\11\26@204828 by John E. Nelson
1996\11\26@220312 by Hank Gupton
1996\11\26@225614 by Doug Claar
1996\11\27@094006 by Martin J. Maney
1996\11\28@074350 by peter
1996\11\28@080047 by Jim Robertson
'Windows (Was Re: PIC Spreadsheet )'
1996\11\28@102719 by Martin McCormick
'PIC Spreadsheet'
1996\11\28@103138 by Martin McCormick
'PIC Spreadsheet PDF Version available!'
1996\11\28@104627 by Antti Lukats

'reading pic's 16c84'
1996\12\01@231011 by Tony Matthews
'erata AN556 Implementing a Table Read (PCLATH stu'
1996\12\07@134857 by Brooke
1996\12\07@234557 by Giles L. Honeycutt
1996\12\08@175927 by s.bormann
1996\12\10@043220 by fastfwd
1996\12\10@043634 by fastfwd

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