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'random newbie question'
1999\07\23@150620 by Anne Ogborn

I'm getting this assembler error:

A84: Assembler for PIC16C84 V1.01
    Charles Manning 1996
sndin.PCT:48         btfss   tamp,04h
ERROR AT                     ^
ARG 1: Need value in range 0..7fh, (0 to 127)

from this line:
       btfss   tamp,04h

here's some context:

loop    ;
       movf    porta,w ; get input
       movwf   newst   ; save it
       xorwf   oldst,w ; test if it's changed
       movwf   tamp
       btfss   tamp,04h
       goto    loop    ; same, just loop
       movf    newst,w
       movwf   oldst
       incf    portb,f

and here's the equate:
tamp    equ     0Eh

but I don't think it's involved, as I've tried substituting oldst
for tamp

I've tried various combinations of spaces in the line, added a comment
at end, tried 4,4h,04h for the bit (yes, I want bit 4), and I always
get this dismal Need value in....

I'm sure this is some trivial thing, but I just passed the 1 hours mark
trying to figure it out.

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1999\07\25@200508 by Tony Nixon

picon face
Hi Annie,

Try MPASM and see if you get the same error. I can't see any problem

Anne Ogborn wrote:
{Quote hidden}

Best regards


'The Engine' - Design your own programmer.

1999\07\25@211222 by Dennis Plunkett

At 09:01 26/07/99 +1000, you wrote:
{Quote hidden}

Where is the EQUATE defined? At the start or latter in the code by this, is
it before the lable is used??


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