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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'quite safe'
1996\04\12@061325 by steve

'CMOS video camera modules - quite [OT] really!'
1998\11\04@072544 by paulb
1998\11\04@122832 by Dan Larson
1998\11\04@125312 by Sean Breheny
1998\11\04@152236 by Gavin Jackson

'Eprom eraser - quite [OT]'
1999\08\13@090907 by paulb
1999\08\13@101158 by Wagner Lipnharski

'[PIC]: my 16f87x and RS232 is quite fuzzy'
2002\07\25@183206 by Fredrik Axtelius
2002\07\25@185048 by Barry Gershenfeld
2002\07\25@190412 by Fredrik Axtelius
2002\07\25@191734 by Tony Nixon
2002\07\25@192319 by Fredrik Axtelius
2002\07\25@193614 by Barry Gershenfeld
2002\07\25@194431 by Fredrik Axtelius
2002\07\25@201421 by Barry Gershenfeld

'[OT:] Not quite a water rocket'
2003\10\09@051741 by Russell McMahon
2003\10\09@072400 by Jinx
2003\10\09@074233 by hael Rigby-Jones
'[OT: ] Not quite a water rocket'
2003\10\09@160424 by Jinx
2003\10\09@163048 by Nate Duehr
2003\10\09@203008 by Jinx
2003\10\09@204009 by Liam O'Hagan
2003\10\09@204634 by David VanHorn

'This is actually quite neat... Translate simple wo'
2007\10\14@204955 by James Newton

'[EE]::Compact Flash not quite dead yet'
2010\12\01@055507 by RussellMc
2010\12\01@063927 by Herbert Graf

'[EE]:: (not quite the) World's first video game'
2011\01\05@193902 by RussellMc
2011\01\06@090959 by Derward Myrick
2011\01\06@102057 by RussellMc

'[OT] Foxes Foxes everywhere and it is quite a stin'
2011\06\23@223952 by YES NOPE9
2011\06\23@230107 by Oli Glaser
2011\06\24@004757 by Bob Blick
2011\06\24@012428 by Oli Glaser
2011\06\24@092844 by John Ferrell
2011\06\24@103017 by RussellMc
2011\06\24@104316 by Michael Watterson
2011\06\24@105152 by John Gardner
2011\06\24@113500 by Sergey Dryga
2011\06\24@114910 by RussellMc
2011\06\25@112350 by Sean Breheny
2011\06\25@113923 by John Ferrell
2011\06\25@114328 by RussellMc
2011\06\27@125122 by William Wilson
2011\06\27@142308 by YES NOPE9
2011\06\27@160827 by Richard Prosser
2011\06\28@034222 by RussellMc
2011\06\28@034403 by RussellMc

'[EE] Need fairly quite Boost DC-DC converter'
2012\01\11@152124 by Dwayne Reid
2012\01\11@162812 by Djula Djarmati
2012\01\11@170953 by Dwayne Reid
2012\01\11@184952 by Djula Djarmati
2012\01\11@220051 by M.L.
2012\01\11@225742 by Veronica Merryfield

'[OT]:: Flash Gordon dawning ... (not quite yet)'
2014\05\02@212433 by RussellMc
2014\05\11@155215 by cdb

'[OT]: Dictionary definitions are quite ducky'
2014\10\17@154751 by NOPE9 YES
2014\10\17@161508 by David C Brown

'[EE] I guess.. Not quite VantaBlack but VERY affor'
2017\06\30@124912 by Van Horn, David

'[EE] I guess.. Not quite VantaBlack but VERY affor'
2017\07\01@084709 by RussellMc
2017\07\01@140236 by alan.b.pearce
2017\07\01@210003 by RussellMc

'[EE]:: (not quite the) World's first video game'
2017\09\04@124214 by RussellMc

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