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PICList Thread
'question for EAGLE users'
2005\04\28@084715 by olin_piclist

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Roy J. Gromlich wrote:
> Sometimes the Schematic and the PCB get out of synch - IC4 is one thing
> in the Schematic and something else on the PCB.

This should never happen when Eagle is used properly.  You have to go out of
your way to make this possible.

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DRC will tell you about differences between the board and the schematic.
However by far the best approach is to make sure they never get out of sync
in the first place.  Always make sure that the board and schematic are both
open when making changes in either.  I don't think it's possible to get them
out of sync if this is the case.

2005\04\28@135618 by phil B

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I got bit by this several times - close the brd and
then make changes to the sch. Poof! Inconsistant and
no easy way to fix other than undo all your changes
exactly as they were.  I think this a real flaw in
eagle.  I recall running renumber.ulp without the brd
loaded - no way to undo those changes.  Fortunately, I
hadn't saved the sch so I just discarded it, opened
both the sch/brd and ran the ulp again.

It should be a simple fix for cadsoft - catch a change
and give the user the option to load the brd. I'm not
even sure why they allow the sch to be open without
the associated board.  It's just inviting trouble.


--- Olin Lathrop <> wrote:
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'question for EAGLE users'
2005\05\02@111120 by William Chops Westfield
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On Apr 28, 2005, at 5:47 AM, Olin Lathrop wrote:

>> Does anyone know of anything similar for Eagle?
> DRC will tell you about differences between the board and the
> schematic.
"ERC" actually.  I've had fairly good luck using the messages from ERC
fix either board or schematic and get back in sync (ERC will notice when
they match again and start doing foward/back stuff again...)  It's a
but it's not impossible.

Also, don't forget about those otherwise-annoying backup files that
keeps of BRD and SCH files; it might be easier to copy them to new files
and see how far back you have to go to get things matching again,
if you managed to un-sync them by minor accident rather than major


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