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'proximity detection using PIC'
1999\03\26@135946 by Howard McGinnis

I think this thread has been around before, but.....

I'm looking into low cost proximity detection using PIC to allow a
stationary, battery operated unit to detect the presence of a mobile unit.
The mobile unit could be powered, however size is a constraint and battery
longevity would be a concern.

Detection range would be less than 3-4 feet. Continuous detection is not an
issue - a once per minute check would be sufficient. Uniqueness of the
mobile unit is not an issue either.

I checked the Microchip RFID products but the receiver would be overkill
and cost prohibitive.

Any thoughts?

Howard McGinnis
Electronic Visions, Inc.
1650 Barrett Drive
Rockledge FL 32955
(407) 632-7530

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