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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'PIC14000 won't reset properly'
1997\10\15@112503 by fdalton

'[Admin] Marking an "OT" post properly when a threa'
2000\03\31@023422 by Mark Willis

'[PIC]:Cannot initialize hardware SPI properly in s'
2000\07\25@151116 by David Kott
2000\07\26@104539 by David Kott

'[PIC]: 18C452 modify PC not working properly ... ?'
2000\11\12@145943 by Andrew E. Kalman
2000\11\12@165147 by Thomas C. Sefranek
2000\11\12@172734 by Bob Ammerman
2000\11\12@180106 by Andrew E. Kalman
2000\11\12@180111 by Andrew E. Kalman
2000\11\12@185403 by Bob Ammerman

'[PIC]: 16f877 not connecting properly'
2001\03\20@211919 by Roger Duffus
2001\03\20@213323 by Tony Nixon
2001\03\21@082158 by Olin Lathrop

'[PIC]: How to PROPERLY define and use variables?'
2001\09\17@170403 by Allen Mahurin
2001\09\17@175117 by Brandon Fosdick
2001\09\17@181952 by Allen Mahurin
2001\09\17@210758 by Olin Lathrop
2001\09\17@210811 by Olin Lathrop
2001\09\17@214009 by Allen Mahurin
2001\09\17@214357 by Heinz Czychun
2001\09\17@215746 by Bob Barr
2001\09\17@221914 by Bob Barr
2001\09\18@024120 by Gennette, Bruce
2001\09\18@082401 by Allen Mahurin
2001\09\18@082701 by Allen Mahurin
'[PIC]: Another gotcha .....was How to PROPERLY....'
2001\09\18@095109 by Heinz Czychun
2001\09\18@102003 by Allen Mahurin
'[PIC]: How to PROPERLY define and use variables?'
2001\09\18@102049 by Bob Barr
2001\09\18@141436 by Harold M Hallikainen
2001\09\18@141645 by Harold M Hallikainen
2001\09\18@194550 by Allen Mahurin

'[OT]: Is my reply address set properly'
2002\09\28@153800 by Kevin A. Benedict
2002\09\28@185008 by cdb

'[SX]: Pin won't turn off properly'
2003\01\30@064232 by Jinx
2003\01\30@091343 by Chris Loiacono
2003\01\30@155449 by Jinx
2003\01\30@220550 by Jinx
2003\01\31@024818 by Stephen
2003\01\31@033316 by Jinx
2003\01\31@075613 by Mr MCU

'[SX]: Pin won't turn off properly'
2003\02\02@131809 by John Ely
2003\02\02@133417 by Brian Aase
2003\02\02@160904 by Jinx
2003\02\02@163716 by Peter L. Peres
2003\02\17@050014 by Jinx
2003\02\17@104154 by G.Smith
2003\02\17@125122 by Stephen
2003\02\17@183430 by Jinx
2003\02\17@212513 by Stephen
2003\02\17@231913 by Roman Black
2003\02\18@135534 by David Cary
2003\02\18@153602 by Stephen Holland
2003\02\18@200608 by James Newton, webhost
2003\02\19@030712 by Jinx
2003\02\19@053235 by Roman Black
2003\02\19@074813 by Jinx
2003\02\21@051646 by Jinx
2003\02\21@053544 by cdb
2003\02\21@055513 by Jinx
'[OT]: Origins, was Pin won't turn off properly'
2003\02\21@062151 by Alan B. Pearce
'[OT]: Pin won't turn off properly'
2003\02\21@145815 by Dwayne Reid
2003\02\22@012333 by David Cary
2003\02\22@025914 by Stephen
2003\02\22@040857 by Jinx
2003\02\22@054410 by Russell McMahon
2003\02\22@064722 by David Duffy
2003\02\22@075405 by Wouter van Ooijen
2003\02\22@100323 by Russell McMahon
2003\02\22@102858 by Roman Black
2003\02\22@103301 by Roman Black
2003\02\22@123021 by Stephen
2003\02\22@160144 by David Duffy
2003\02\22@160352 by Russell McMahon
2003\02\22@163902 by Jinx
2003\02\23@033515 by Eric Bohlman
2003\02\23@041915 by David Duffy
2003\02\23@042330 by Russell McMahon
2003\02\23@053259 by David Duffy
2003\02\23@075039 by Morgan Olsson

'[PIC] Pro Prog communications not setup properly/ '
2007\03\28@235031 by Phillip Coiner
2007\03\29@074213 by olin piclist
2007\03\29@091631 by Phillip Coiner
2007\03\29@100506 by olin piclist
2007\03\29@123952 by Phillip Coiner
2007\03\29@130107 by olin piclist
2007\03\29@132648 by Phillip Coiner
2007\03\29@141930 by olin piclist
2007\03\29@173610 by Phillip Coiner
2007\03\29@184745 by olin piclist

'[SX] Debug Windows Not Working Properly (run, step'
2007\10\31@131346 by Zootn/a
2007\10\31@143423 by beann/a

'[OT]Finally properly subscribed to this list'
2008\06\04@141818 by Jason Hsu
2008\06\04@152810 by Harold Hallikainen
2008\06\04@154032 by Dan Smith

'RS485 not working properly with PIC24F series'
2008\10\20@110539 by Manju Bhargavi

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