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'programming the eeprom of 16F877'
2000\01\22@151916 by Markus Falkenau

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Can anybody tell us how to write to
eeprom of the 16F877.
regards Markus

2000\01\23@120259 by Tom Handley

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  Markus, this is a subject that I really wish Microchip would have
provided a better example... First, I assume you have the data book. If not,
get it... The example code on page 43 works exactly as described but they
don't provide the whole picture. Notice the "SLEEP" instruction. That
requires an interrupt to `wake up'. If you do not want to use interrupts,
you can simply replace SLEEP with a 10ms (or longer) delay. However, the
most efficient method is the one they describe.

  In your startup configuration you need to do the following:

     1. Set INTCON Bit 6 to enable Peripheral Interrupts.
     2. Set PIE2 Bit 4 (EEIE) to Enable "EEPROM Write Operation Interrupt".
        Note, this register is in bank 1 (RP1 = 0, RP0 = 1).

  In your Interrupt Handler, look for PIR2 Bit 4 (EEIF) which is the
"Write Operation Interrupt" flag Bit. As with most interrupt flags, you
need to clear the Bit. Note, PIR2 is in bank 0 (RP1 = 0, RP0 = 0).

  That's it. Works fine, everytime...

  - Tom

At 03:17 PM 1/22/00 EST, Markus Falkenau wrote:
>Can anybody tell us how to write to
>eeprom of the 16F877.
>regards Markus

Tom Handley
New Age Communications
Since '75 before "New Age" and no one around here is waiting for UFOs ;-)

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