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'problems, polling'
1999\09\21@145204 by Nabil Benhadj

this code locks it self somehow and keeps sending the same
result to the pc I«ve connected it to. "I«ve made the "start" loop to
check if the buttons on portB is pushed. If they are then it will store
portB in s_out and s_temp. s_temp is then used to se if the value
changes. as the program runs now it just keeps sending data as
long as the button is pushed. the data should be sent only once
when a button is pushed.
can someone solve this problem pleas, I am not getting


ps: there are a subrutine called send_data that "sends the data".
that part works. so I did not include that.
    bcf      STATUS,5          ;change to bank 0.

   movf     PORTB,0           ;brings portB to W.
    sublw    0x00              ;compares W to zero.
    btfsc    STATUS,2          ;
    goto     start   ;if there is nothing on thegategoto"start"else
    movf     PORTB,0           ;brings portB to W.
    ;comf     PORTB,0           ;complement portB.
    movwf    s_out             ;store in s_out to send data.
    movwf    s_temp            ;store in s_temp to compare.
    call     send_data      ;goto sub, send_data that sends data in

    movf     PORTB,0           ;brings portB to W.
    ;comf     PORTB,0          ;complement portB.
    subwf    s_temp,0          ;compare s_temp to portB.
    btfss    STATUS,2          ;if the value is the same on portB goto
"start" else continue.
    goto     start             ;start from the begining.
    goto     temp              ;loop until value changes in portB.

1999\09\21@161348 by Mark Willis

Is your watchdog timer disabled, Nabil?  That'd be my first guess.  It
might help others to know what processor & what your fuse settings, etc.
are.  (Dashing past to check e-mail just now, need to run!)


Nabil Benhadj wrote:
{Quote hidden}

1999\09\21@163709 by Nabil Benhadj

yes, it«s diabled.
I am using an 16f877
On 21 Sep 99, at 13:12, Mark Willis wrote:

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