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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'Chip pins.'
1996\06\24@165220 by Don McKenzie
1996\06\24@183840 by Ben L Wirz
'Saving PIC pins with a spare IC socket'
1996\06\25@121217 by David Schmidt
1996\06\26@113648 by DOM ALTAMURO

'About the 54/84 IO pins.'
1996\07\10@181530 by Dennis Velthuis
1996\07\10@202405 by Steve Hardy
1996\07\10@213540 by Newfound Electronics
1996\07\10@220940 by fastfwd
'About the 54/84 IO pins. -Reply'
1996\07\11@085923 by Mark Jurras
1996\07\11@093233 by myke predko
1996\07\11@110447 by John Payson
1996\07\11@121424 by Dennis Velthuis
1996\07\11@123508 by Mark K Sullivan
1996\07\11@143718 by myke predko
1996\07\11@143730 by myke predko

'USART and pins on port C 16cxx products'
1996\12\18@152344 by Dennis Long
'edge detection on port pins?'
1996\12\30@140023 by Bob Blick
1996\12\30@152123 by Gonzalo Palarea
1996\12\30@171726 by sdattalo
1996\12\30@184656 by Bob Blick

'rotary switch with 5 pins'
1997\05\08@023853 by andreabelian

'I/O Pins at SLEEP mode'
1997\06\26@154643 by Aydin Yesildirek
1997\06\27@225905 by Bruce Cannon

'7 segment pins ..'
1997\08\04@033814 by TUMER ARiF
1997\08\04@042554 by avrbasic
1997\08\04@042554 by avrbasic
1997\08\04@091633 by Byron A Jeff
1997\08\04@091633 by Byron A Jeff
1997\08\05@085926 by paulb
'I'm Outta Pins! (was BCD Thumbwheels)'
1997\08\22@103729 by lilel

'16C74 multiple power and ground pins'
1997\09\04@222930 by Bob Blick
1997\09\05@004651 by tjaart
1997\09\05@090155 by Andy Kunz
1997\09\05@132316 by Matt Bonner
1997\09\06@191841 by Andy Kunz
1997\09\07@070838 by Tom Handley

'MIZU's LCD display and the two extra pins'
1997\10\06@000308 by Don McKenzie
'To Few Port Pins ????'
1997\10\09@052445 by : Cassie Carstens
1997\10\09@061922 by Pasi T Mustalahti
1997\10\09@120202 by Michael S. Hagberg
1997\10\09@121413 by tjaart
1997\10\09@151827 by Martin R. Green
1997\10\09@185446 by TONY NIXON 54964
1997\10\10@012658 by Pasi T Mustalahti
'[OT] Condensors Re[2]: To Few Port Pins ????'
1997\10\10@042658 by Scott Walsh
1997\10\10@050217 by Andrew Warren
1997\10\10@055106 by johnb
1997\10\10@062308 by Oyvind Kaurstad
'To Few Port Pins ????'
1997\10\10@094410 by Martin R. Green
1997\10\10@114013 by Steve Smith
1997\10\11@012815 by netwave
'[OT] Condensors Re[2]: To Few Port Pins ????'
1997\10\11@101441 by paulb
'To Few Port Pins ????'
1997\10\11@141447 by Andrew Russell Morris
1997\10\12@104453 by jorgegf
1997\10\12@115308 by Tom Handley
1997\10\12@123843 by Marc 'Nepomuk' Heuler
1997\10\12@140239 by Luberth
'[OT] Condensors Re[2]: To Few Port Pins ????'
1997\10\12@170430 by Eric van Es
'To Few Port Pins ????'
1997\10\14@182044 by Eric van Es
1997\10\14@203436 by Andy Kunz
1997\10\14@232745 by Pierce Nichols
1997\10\15@185445 by Andrew G Williams
1997\10\16@172416 by Tony Dickinson
'unused pins'
1997\10\21@180140 by stephen mcalonan
1997\10\21@182958 by ndie Ohtsji [4555]
1997\10\21@191758 by DREITEK
1997\10\21@194109 by John Payson
1997\10\25@094353 by paulb
1997\10\25@174612 by Harold M Hallikainen
1997\10\27@122242 by David W. Duley

'Extending number of port pins - latched multiplexe'
1997\11\13@040606 by Rob Bristow
1997\11\13@132158 by ndie Ohtsji [4555]
1997\11\14@001619 by Rob Bristow
1997\11\14@001627 by Rob Bristow
1997\11\14@061557 by James Bowman
1997\11\14@171305 by Larry G. Nelson Sr.
1997\11\16@162228 by Adi
1997\11\17@071624 by paulb

'LCD OF 12 PINs'
1998\01\23@220713 by Sebastian Garcia
'16C84 LCD Display Using 3 IO Pins'
1998\01\26@134502 by Richard Mansfield

'Burning pins on a PIC (was Re: pic max voltage)'
1998\04\01@081412 by Marc Heuler
1998\04\01@114912 by Bob Blick
1998\04\01@123718 by Morgan Olsson
1998\04\01@160212 by Alessandro Zummo
1998\04\02@030819 by Brett Paulin
1998\04\02@160432 by Jens.Madsen
1998\04\02@174937 by Jens Dyekjaer Madsen
1998\04\03@075847 by Jens.Madsen
'unused A/D pins as outputs'
1998\04\15@175453 by Bob Blick
1998\04\15@182519 by Andrew Warren
1998\04\15@184257 by Sean Breheny
1998\04\15@193315 by Andrew Warren
1998\04\15@201435 by Bob Blick
1998\04\15@231914 by Andrew Warren
1998\04\16@004134 by tjaart
1998\04\16@105546 by lilel
1998\04\16@165859 by Alex Torres
'more pins'
1998\04\24@015243 by peter
1998\04\24@082428 by Caisson
'Where to get edge pins'
1998\04\30@195414 by john pearson

'Vbe, PIC pins and LEDs'
1998\05\01@011711 by Mark G. Forbes
'[Re:] Where to get edge pins'
1998\05\01@091843 by Joe Little
1998\05\01@104322 by hansen
'Vbe, PIC pins and LEDs'
1998\05\01@141951 by David VanHorn
'RJ45 jacks with .1" spaced pins?'
1998\05\01@211344 by john pearson
1998\05\02@060737 by Keith Doxey
'Unused I/O pins'
1998\05\03@033502 by Dave Celsnak
1998\05\03@060300 by White Horse Design
1998\05\03@065821 by Morgan Olsson
1998\05\03@111705 by David VanHorn
'Comparing PIC Features (was Unused I/O pins)'
1998\05\04@013621 by Michael Ghormley
1998\05\04@183834 by Eric Smith
'RJ45 jacks with .1" spaced pins?'
1998\05\17@171014 by Marc Heuler
'Voltage Level On 16C620 or 16F84 Port Pins'
1998\05\25@194416 by Lewis H. Cobb
1998\05\25@200308 by Dennis Plunkett
1998\05\25@220911 by smg

'With How many Pins can I use an LCD ?'
1998\06\22@174337 by Ricardo Ponte G
1998\06\22@181433 by Bob Blick
'Assisgning an ID to a PIC using as few input pins '
1998\06\28@011604 by Shahid Sheikh
1998\06\28@024005 by Bill Cornutt
1998\06\28@031120 by James Cameron
1998\06\28@032403 by paulb
1998\06\28@051217 by Michael S. Hagberg
1998\06\28@094112 by
1998\06\28@205543 by wwl
1998\06\29@040012 by Mal Goris
1998\06\29@053722 by Leo van Loon
1998\06\29@125925 by
1998\06\29@201943 by James Cameron
1998\06\29@203158 by David Sorlien
1998\06\29@220737 by myke predko
1998\06\30@105150 by Dwayne Reid

'Needs pins assignments for SBX8010'
1998\08\29@110134 by C7=C9=D1?=
1998\08\29@152415 by Peter L. Peres

'Internal disconnect in PIC16C57JW pins'
1998\09\11@141134 by Innovative Electronics
1998\09\11@143634 by Bob Blick
1998\09\16@160317 by Nouman Mounajed

'Unused PIC Pins tied to GROUND?'
1998\11\04@193340 by enpassant
1998\11\04@200858 by James Cameron
1998\11\04@200913 by Harold Hallikainen
1998\11\04@201305 by Dmitry Kiryashov
'Unused PIC Pins tied to GROUND? - somewhat OT'
1998\11\05@085244 by Harrison Cooper
1998\11\06@123228 by John Payson

'Stamp like pins'
1998\12\02@101505 by Jon Petty
1998\12\03@083017 by Morgan Olsson
'Moving a decimal value to 4 output pins?'
1998\12\18@012738 by Troy P.
1998\12\20@111756 by Peter L. Peres
'PIC12C508 I/O pins'
1998\12\28@153312 by Ralph Landry
1998\12\29@014219 by James Cameron
1998\12\29@105851 by Ralph Landry

'Unused PIC pins tied to ground - Input or Output?'
1999\01\13@122704 by Adam Bryant
1999\01\13@125748 by Dan Larson
1999\01\13@134729 by Ohtsji, Randie
1999\01\13@165320 by Tony Nixon
1999\01\13@180943 by andre
1999\01\14@033707 by paulb
1999\01\16@121941 by dave vanhorn
'Unused PIC Pins - What to do with them?'
1999\01\16@213635 by Geoff Thornton
1999\01\16@223734 by paulb
1999\01\17@065033 by Andy Stephenson
1999\01\17@070941 by Gerhard Fiedler
1999\01\18@022809 by ruben
1999\01\18@122419 by Gabriel Gonzalez
1999\01\25@140300 by John Payson
1999\01\26@041557 by paulb
1999\01\26@084554 by ruben

'Unused PIC Pins - What to do with them?'
1999\02\10@080117 by electme
'[OT] test pins'
1999\02\10@181933 by David Duffy
1999\02\10@190025 by andy
1999\02\10@202107 by Bob Drzyzgula
1999\02\10@223339 by Wagner Lipnharski
1999\02\11@002210 by Craig Lee
1999\02\11@003500 by Tom Handley
'Unused PIC Pins - What to do with them?'
1999\02\11@021954 by ruben
'[OT] test pins'
1999\02\11@075236 by Bob Drzyzgula
'ground pins'
1999\02\15@142956 by Piotr Buciak
1999\02\15@171102 by Tony Nixon
'[OT] test pins'
1999\02\16@233251 by Ron Harding
1999\02\17@075334 by David Duffy
1999\02\18@013650 by Alan King
'Unused pins'
1999\02\18@204941 by Biswanath Dutta
'[OT] test pins'
1999\02\19@113944 by Bob Drzyzgula
'Unused pins'
1999\02\19@121502 by John Payson
1999\02\19@213122 by Biswanath Dutta
1999\02\20@023538 by Quentin

'External resetting of OUTPUT pins.'
1999\03\06@144151 by Richard Martin
'16C74 Analog In Pins'
1999\03\07@142006 by Vincent Deno
'External resetting of OUTPUT pins.'
1999\03\07@142752 by Reginald Neale
'16C74 Analog In Pins'
1999\03\07@170609 by Dwayne Reid
'External resetting of OUTPUT pins.'
1999\03\07@172026 by Tony Nixon
1999\03\07@220604 by Mark Willis
'16C74 Analog In Pins'
1999\03\08@000748 by Clyde Smith-Stubbs
1999\03\08@032213 by Gerhard Fiedler
1999\03\08@080820 by Clyde Smith-Stubbs
1999\03\08@114543 by Bob Blick
1999\03\09@170346 by John Payson
1999\03\09@231809 by Vincent Deno

'Two pins joined: One input, other output'
1999\05\17@114840 by Gabriel Caffese
1999\05\17@130430 by engelec
1999\05\17@193156 by paulb

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