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' server dead'
2000\03\26@115621 by geocities/yahoo

picon face
Get your at
until Monday.

Well, unfortunately, the main server apparently fried yesterday so no one
will be helping or even reading from or It
will hopefully be up some time Monday afternoon.

The good news is that the Escondido location is now on a cable modem
(cox@home) and while its currently on the personal level of service while I
evaluate how stable the service is, and the advertisements claim that it is
a dynamic IP, the technicians told me to hardcode the machines IP address in
the TCP/IP stack. I'm not supposed to run a server but I will just for
testing purposes and it can act as a mirror of the piclist site. I'll try to
work up the DNS server and see how it goes. So far, the cable modem
certainly seems to be more stable (and at least as fast) as the DSL
connection was. I expect it will be rock solid just like the Road Runner
cable that the main server is on. Now, between two servers, I ought to be
able to keep one of the up all the time <GRIN>. I just have to find a way to
cost justify the $99/mo for business service. I have one client that will
pay $40/mo for co-hosting his e-commerce site and another who will pay
$36/mo for hosting his newsletter site. That would have just about taken
care of the $80/mo that DSL would have cost and I could have put everybody
on a separate IP. With the cable, I have to come up with another $20 or so a
month and I have to resolve each site based on the requested domain and
present a list for (really) old browsers that don't include the domain in
the http request. To bad DSL is unreliable.

The Escondido machine has an (two week?) old copy of the site at
in the mean time. I'll copy the current site over and modify the update
scripts so that changes are replicated to the Escondido machine from the
main server as soon as the main machine is back online. The nice thing about
this machine is that (unlike the main server) it has a UPS, a Linux box next
to it connected by a small HUB (thanks Jory) to eventually act as
intelligent primary DNS to monitor and switch between the two web servers as
necessary and possibly as to act as a triple backup web server. The
secondary DNS will be and they will be pointing to the backup
connection in case the primary connection goes down.

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2000\03\27@112937 by jamesnewton

face picon face and are back up. I'm copying the site to
the Escondido machine and I'm thinking that maybe for now I'll just make point there as a back up. PICList.ocm would be the main server
and would be the back up until I get the Linux Intelligent DNS
server thing up. Any thoughts?

James Newton 1-619-652-0593 NEW! FINALLY A REAL NAME!
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Get your at
until Monday.


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