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PICList Thread
1995\12\13@093004 by Stuart Allman

I downloaded pic_c last week and it said that it was for the parallax
system.  Does this mean that it won't work with a 16C71?  What processors
does it work with?  I didn't see any mention of it in the documentation, but
maybe I didn't look hard enough.

Stuart Allman

Oh my lord, well bless my soul, you got the right key baby, but the wrong

1996\12\09@001307 by pic
Stefan, I'm posting this reply to the piclist as well, since others may have
the same questions. Please send questions directly to me though, to avoid
cluttering the list.

> file/autosave:
>       up/down-button, help text displays
>       something about "warning level", why???

This is a bug - it is using the same dialog as for the warning level.

> options/select processor:
>       what about 16C73? Am I save, compiling for
>       16C74 and not using the special features of
>       the 16C74?

YEs, that's right. All variants will be added by the final release. As long
as you choose a variant that has the same memory allocation as your chip, it
will be pretty safe. You can always roll your own header files.

> Assembler:
>       How can I mix assembler and C?

Either make separate .AS files with assembly code - generate an
assembly file from C for an example, or embed assembler code with either

       ;assembler code here, many lines


       asm(";one line of assembler");

Use the second form if you are using it near if, while etc. control structures,
you can say:

               asm(" clrwdt");



will NOT work, because #asm/endasm is not syntactically part of the
C program.

Beware of modifying things the compiler uses - you can interact with
generated code in bad ways. It's generally pretty safe to have a function
that contains nothing but embedded assembler.

Variables in C have an underscore prepended, and use the global directive
to make them visible across modules, e.g.

       psect   mytext,class=CODE       ;program section
       global  _afunc                  ;visible externally
_afunc                                  ;label - colon after name is optional
       retlw   0

>       I guess, I am not the only MPLAB-user.

Add a new compiler to MPLAB, use the command line driver PICC - clear the
for INHX8M etc, but add a chip type, and -g for source level debug, e.g.

       picc -g -84 file.c

(MPLAB will supply the 'file.c' part). The options to PICC are available under
the HELP menu in HPDPIC.

> Library:
>       Do you have libraries to access the hardware?

No, not really. Any contributions are welcome, and will be made publicly

> help text:
>       When will you cut down the online help down

BEfore the final relese. The help files right now are just borrowed from
our other compilers.

> In case there are already more patches available than the very first
> one, please attach them to your reply, thanks!

No, not yet. I will put a note on the list when it is. Expect it later
this week - with code generation improvements.

Cheers, Clyde

Clyde Smith-Stubbs       | HI-TECH Software,       | Voice: +61 7 3354 2411      | P.O. Box 103, Alderley, | Fax:   +61 7 3354 2422 | QLD, 4051, AUSTRALIA.   |
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