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'pic musical tones -Reply'
1997\07\17@164335 by ang (Chee Foon Tiang)

>>> stoney <spam_OUTstoneyTakeThisOuTspamOSWEGO.NET> 17/July/1997 02:04pm >>>
>hello pic guys
>        has any body tried to generate music using a pic 16c54 or55
>any suggestions are appreciated
>mike johnston

   The note A below middle C is defined as 220 Hz

   Every semitone up, multiply by the factor k = twelth root of 2.
   Every semitone down, divide by k.

   e.g. middle C = 220*k*k*k Hz

   Use Microsoft Excel to do the following...

   1.   Convert the required frequence @ notes, into period,
        T = 1/f.
   2.   Calculate corresponding timer reload values for the reload
        timer and clock divisor.

   Usually an octave fits nicely into one clock divisor value,
   as an octave up/down corresponds to the frequency

   Attached are C routines written for Hitachi's H8/300L 8-bit
   and H8/300H 16-bit microcontroller, not guaranteed to work
   with the PIC.

   The musical score strings are fully Microsoft QuickBasic
   "play" command compatible with some enhancements.


Peter Tiang
Design Engineer

Attachment converted: wonderland:MELODY.ZIP (pZIP/pZIP) (0000414D)

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