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'pic modem'
1998\05\14@053543 by ratacus spartucus

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1998\05\16@075222 by Dean

part 0 1283 bytes content-type:application/octet-stream; name="""The Wireless RF Modules (designed by DVP and Parallax) consist of a
receiver (RXAM303A) and transmitter (TXAM303A) which operate at 303.825 MHz
to allow wireless communication between microcontrollers such as the BASIC
Stamp II. Non-repetitive data can be transmitted up to 250 feet with these
factory tuned modules. The RF Modules comply with the FCC Part 15 Low Power
and Unlicensed Operation class. "

That's from the Basic Stamp Site, $79 USD for a pair of modules:



i know this has been asked before.. but i a looking for schematics and
source files for a pic based modem 9K6... i have seen it on the list , but
can;t find it in my archives.. so if some one could help i would be
i think it was a packet modem.. and if not it, if someone could point me to
or help me locate a packet modem to build that hooks straight from the
serial port on the puter to the radio, pic based, i would appreciate that




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