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PICList Thread
'pic list lull'
1994\10\26@140728 by crocontroller discussion list

several people have sent me email about the lack of traffic on the list.

everything seems to be fine with the list (last count there were over 300
subscribers), so i'd put it down to queit time in pic land.

if anyone is posting to the list, and not seeing it show up, send me email.

last time i posted a test message, i know some people gt it, since i
received some email replies, and a posted reply.



1994\10\27@162111 by crocontroller discussion list


May I suggest that somebody (you?? or some automated mechanism) post a
how-to-post type article.

While I read what flies past, I never seem to be able to find the how-to-post
info when I need it.


-- Charles

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