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PICList Thread
'phone related threads'
1996\03\20@124832 by Kevin Rhoades (X4869)

After reading the threads about ring and off-hook indicators I remembered a
web page that I had visited that contained phone related stuff.  The
circuits are drawn using ascii characters and can be somewhat hard to follow
but not totally impossible.

     Telephone in use light
     Detecting a telephone RING
     (manual) Phone In-Use Light
     Phone to audio interface (SSI202 input)
     Phone Off-Hook Indicator
     'phone rang' indicator light
     Phone Line to Audio
     Phone in-use
     Telephone Line Monitor (Plans)
     Use old phones as an intercom
     Phone-In-Use indicator
     Telephone Power?
     Hold function for Telephone
     Digital/Standard Phone Line Tester

I know that there are a couple of circuits found at this site that I will be
building, hopt someone else finds this site useful...K.R...

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