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PICList Thread
'phoenix, 12C50x etc.'
1996\12\19@085423 by Jim Robertson

Hi all,

Sorry for abusing the piclist like this but the phoenix support for the
12C50x mentioned on the piclist recently has generated a lot of interest
and I have a stack of personal email from piclisters regarding it.

Right now, I have match sticks holding my eyes open and it has been over 48
hours since I receive all that email and I haven't found time to reply to
any of it. Well, paying customers have to come first.

For all who asked, I have posted a new "12C50x only" driver on my web page.
Please goto the FTP area. Also, I stuffed the firmware up real good for the
12C50x parts. While I was programming them ok, it was only after performing
other operations that intialized an otherwise neglected varible. That is
why it worked for me during testing but failed for everyone else. This is
why I NEED YOU to try it out and report the occasional odd thing. (Mike,
where were you??)

I have posted new firmware and called it REV 0.4. It programs the 12C50x
just fine.

All the files for the 12C50x, all other parts and the firmware are
available in a file called ""

Preprogrammed firmware will be available for those without a 17Cxx
programmer. However, what is the point in arrangeing this now when there is
no guarantee on the stability of the existing firmware? More on this later...

I will catch-up with all interested peoples as soon as I can. Sorry for the

For those not interested in the slightest, I thank-you for your patience
with this stuff.

Now for some sleep!



Jim Robertson

PHOENIX Shareware Picstart 16B upgrade coming.
For more details, send email to with
"subscribe phoenix mail list" in the BODY of the message.

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