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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'PICSTART vs. "Hobbyist Pack"'
1994\12\26@002937 by crocontroller discussion list

'FP package for pics, 16C74'
1995\04\27@134555 by Markus Imhof

'Help me - "unpacked" chips 16C84'
1995\10\19@092358 by Frantisek Spurny

'D2MAC Packet Structure'
1995\11\16@075610 by Christopher

'PIC die in waffle pack'
1996\03\13@050827 by Wiriya Sasisakulporn
1996\03\13@101412 by Wiriya Sasisakulporn
1996\03\13@110307 by Brian Boles

'Digital Thermometer Package Available!'
1996\09\02@123936 by myke predko
1996\09\02@160120 by Alexej Vladimirov
1996\09\02@162859 by nogueira
1996\09\03@092527 by myke predko
1996\09\03@103409 by Micheal Yano
1996\09\03@164453 by Kurt Horton
1996\09\03@210756 by au156
1996\09\04@103538 by myke predko
1996\09\04@124845 by myke predko
1996\09\05@034622 by Eric Smith
1996\09\05@035458 by mike
'soft modem for amateur packet radio'
1996\09\13@141757 by BARBAROS ASUROGLU

'RF Packet Radio'
1997\01\07@154837 by Ed Todd
'Radio Packet Systems'
1997\01\07@215441 by Ed Todd

'78L05 regulators, which package?'
1997\04\17@110504 by Robert Zeff

'Thanks (0402 SMT package)'
1997\05\21@003544 by Andres Djordjalian
1997\05\21@020549 by John Payson

'OT - Blister packing'
1997\09\26@030041 by Josef Hanzal
1997\09\26@083541 by mikesmith_ozNOSP*M
1997\09\26@094024 by Martin R. Green
1997\09\26@101500 by mikesmith_ozNOSP*M
1997\09\26@103415 by Martin R. Green
1997\09\26@104042 by ew Farag (ISE)
'[OT] - Blister packing'
1997\09\26@111617 by Martin R. Green
1997\09\27@100658 by mikesmith_ozNOSP*M
'OT - Blister packing'
1997\09\28@091001 by Martin McCormick
1997\09\29@022942 by by way of euroclass
'X.25 packet radio'
1997\09\29@035707 by Anthony Buckwell
1997\09\29@075509 by verhage
1997\09\29@184945 by Dave Mullenix

'PACKET Radio Beacon in PIC'
1997\11\27@025357 by Luke Enriquez

'Packet Radio Beacon in 16C84'
1998\01\05@180231 by Luke Enriquez
1998\01\06@154724 by Tom Mariner
'Packet with a PIC'
1998\01\07@193653 by Dave Mullenix
1998\01\08@155821 by Rich & Julie
1998\01\08@170826 by alex_holden
1998\01\09@181004 by Santiago

'PLCC packages?'
1998\02\09@142424 by Harrison Cooper
'PIC Packages and PICStart Plus Question'
1998\02\22@131224 by Timothy M. Deterly
1998\02\23@012730 by Mike Keitz

'Packet with a PIC'
1998\03\06@194101 by Tom Mariner
'LCD backpack code'
1998\03\07@121917 by john pearson
1998\03\07@131203 by Calvin
1998\03\08@154150 by Craig Lee
1998\03\08@170727 by Bill Rininger
1998\03\09@044000 by
'tnc packet radio'
1998\03\21@113750 by Mark Lezama
1998\03\21@121758 by James Merritt
1998\03\21@123632 by Tom Mariner
1998\03\21@141302 by Mark Lezama
1998\03\22@091029 by Tom Mariner
1998\03\24@004627 by paulb

'Wide DIP PIC16C73 Package?'
1998\04\28@064549 by STEENKAMP [M.ING E&E]
1998\04\28@134407 by Andrew Warren
1998\04\28@181647 by Tom Handley
1998\04\29@153845 by Tom Handley

'16C63 Surface MT package 300mil or 330mil wide?'
1998\05\19@184416 by Paul Gaastra

'PIC12C508 / 509 in a smartcard package?'
1998\06\10@054257 by Frank Tamminga
1998\06\10@135726 by Tobias
1998\06\30@112352 by bigchu

'PacketRadio routines for PIC'
1998\07\19@143028 by Karen Tadewosyan

'PIC Packet Controller Software'
1998\08\24@102853 by Michael Kirkpatrick
1998\08\24@110544 by Michael Kirkpatrick
1998\08\24@183739 by Peter Grey
1998\08\25@050614 by Alan Hall

'Version Control Packages'
1998\09\14@150033 by tmariner
1998\09\14@163656 by kfisk
1998\09\14@171523 by Scott Hidalgo
1998\09\14@182516 by Dennis Plunkett
1998\09\14@222026 by Martin Darwin
1998\09\15@092320 by Mark A. Corio
1998\09\15@094822 by Andy Kunz
1998\09\15@103346 by Bob Shaver
1998\09\15@104600 by Scott Hidalgo
1998\09\15@132525 by kfisk
1998\09\15@140150 by Fehrenbach, Robert J
1998\09\15@152230 by daddio
'Version Control Packages (CS-RCS)'
1998\09\15@170721 by Craig Lee
1998\09\16@004837 by tjaart
1998\09\16@024032 by William Chops Westfield
1998\09\16@103228 by Bob Shaver
1998\09\16@170512 by John Hansen
'SOT: Preferred schematic capture/PCB layout packag'
1998\09\17@121241 by Troy Curtiss
1998\09\17@150521 by lilel
1998\09\17@152822 by Mike Sauve
1998\09\17@153435 by Ralph Landry
1998\09\18@101321 by Matt Bonner
1998\09\21@135553 by uter van ooijen / floortje hanneman

'Recommendation of a good PIC package.'
1998\10\13@171450 by The shadoW
1998\10\15@090042 by paulb

1998\11\19@131152 by WF AUTOMACAO

'PIC - Packet Modem ?'
1999\03\04@075151 by Glenville T. Sawyer
1999\03\04@110006 by Dave VanHorn
1999\03\04@154134 by odney A.
1999\03\04@222457 by Dave VanHorn
1999\03\05@094601 by John Hansen
'Printer interface Hewlett Packard 670-680-692 inte'
1999\03\23@061620 by Marcos Migliorini
'drive a Hewlett Packard Ink Jet printer with a PIC'
1999\03\25@055602 by Marcos Migliorini
1999\03\25@074651 by Sten Dahlgren
1999\03\25@133634 by Nigel Goodwin
1999\03\26@120121 by Leo van Loon
1999\03\26@153006 by John Payson
1999\03\28@164944 by tefan Ranguelov

'Tableing packets'
1999\05\03@201248 by Gordon Varney
'New PicBasic Development Packages'
1999\05\14@225945 by chuck
'[OT] Battery Pack Fundamentals'
1999\05\24@040229 by Graeme Smith
1999\05\24@044658 by Mark Willis
1999\05\24@070214 by Neven Skender

'[OT] CRCs on short packets'
1999\08\23@224531 by James Cameron
1999\08\23@231307 by Richard Prosser
1999\08\23@232934 by Wagner Lipnharski
1999\08\24@003715 by Scott Dattalo
1999\08\24@004947 by Nicholas Uloth
1999\08\24@005508 by Dennis Plunkett
1999\08\24@012158 by Brent Crosby
1999\08\24@095915 by Wagner Lipnharski
1999\08\24@100326 by Andy Kunz
1999\08\24@181710 by Brent Crosby
1999\08\24@184043 by Andy Kunz
1999\08\24@191105 by Kevin J. Maciunas
1999\08\24@191528 by quozl
1999\08\24@194104 by Dennis Plunkett
1999\08\24@195550 by Brent Crosby
1999\08\25@004942 by Wagner Lipnharski
1999\08\25@042548 by root
1999\08\25@101054 by Andy Kunz
1999\08\25@113126 by Kolesnikoff, Paul

'High Value Ceramic Caps in SMT packages'
1999\10\10@163316 by William K. Borsum
'[OT] Hewlett Packard Deskjet 890c'
1999\10\12@181750 by Kev Howard
1999\10\12@182949 by Ernst Aardal
'[ot] Need low power comparator in SOT-23-5 package'
1999\10\16@002340 by William K. Borsum
'[OT] Hewlett Packard Deskjet 890c'
1999\10\17@170558 by Kev Howard
'[ot] Need low power comparator in SOT-23-5 package'
1999\10\17@183710 by Dennis Plunkett

'[OT] Inlog's Ctrl95 pack for VB'
1999\11\10@221025 by Darren Logan

'sRAM--need BGA Package or very small module'
1999\12\07@160814 by William K. Borsum
1999\12\07@175114 by Mark Willis

'[OT] IC Package Reference'
2000\01\20@200302 by David Olson
2000\01\20@204520 by Don Hyde
2000\01\21@004730 by William K. Borsum
''s "C" package.'
2000\01\26@142840 by smerchock, Steve
'PIC packages ...'
2000\01\30@205707 by Carl Moser
2000\01\30@211410 by Tim Hamel
2000\01\31@124414 by Matt Burch
2000\01\31@142940 by l.allen
2000\01\31@151256 by William Chops Westfield

'[OT] Hewlett Packard site'
2000\02\08@095826 by Graham North
'Serial LCD Backpack flickers'
2000\02\10@112823 by Jon Petty
2000\02\10@113442 by Michael Rigby-Jones
2000\02\10@132753 by Jon Petty

'Packet radio problem'
2000\03\17@151033 by Milan Pavlica (YU7AEC)
2000\03\17@151916 by WF
2000\03\17@153751 by Andrew Kelley
2000\03\17@154956 by Quitt, Walter
2000\03\17@155418 by Mark Newland
2000\03\17@161121 by paulb
2000\03\17@164040 by Milan Pavlica (YU7AEC)
'Packet radio modem'
2000\03\17@164454 by Milan Pavlica (YU7AEC)
2000\03\17@215702 by paulb
2000\03\18@020948 by Jeff King
'Packet radio problem'
2000\03\19@084947 by Andrew Kelley
'Packet radio modem'
2000\03\20@223338 by Jeffrey D Spears
2000\03\21@065325 by paulb
2000\03\21@081102 by Andrew Kelley
2000\03\21@085257 by paulb
2000\03\21@090128 by Andrew Kelley
2000\03\21@132103 by Lea
2000\03\21@135150 by paulb
2000\03\21@152400 by Andrew Kelley
2000\03\22@155545 by Milan Pavlica (YU7AEC)
'Packet radio problem'
2000\03\22@155548 by Milan Pavlica (YU7AEC)
2000\03\23@043345 by Claudio Rachiele IW0DZG
'packet radio modem [OT]'
2000\03\23@114157 by Lea
2000\03\23@121711 by Milan Pavlica (YU7AEC)
2000\03\25@172403 by Jeff King
2000\03\26@080825 by paulb
2000\03\27@101017 by Milan Pavlica (YU7AEC)
'Packet radio modem???'
2000\03\31@043824 by Milan Pavlica (YU7AEC)

2000\06\21@192137 by Tony Nixon

'[PICLIST] [OT]Packet radio modems..'
2000\08\19@142730 by Milan Pavlica (YU7AEC)
'[OT]: Packet radio modems...or, me again...'
2000\08\19@155909 by Milan Pavlica (YU7AEC)
2000\08\19@164108 by David VanHorn

'[PIC]: Quad Flatpack package for 16F877'
2000\09\21@130255 by Dr. Chris Kirtley
2000\09\21@153521 by Dan Michaels
2000\09\21@162810 by Dr. Chris Kirtley
2000\09\21@164527 by M. Adam Davis
2000\09\21@170625 by Don Hyde
2000\09\21@172040 by Spehro Pefhany
2000\09\21@183322 by Dan Michaels
'[PICLIST] Serial Backpack'
2000\09\27@003546 by Giles
2000\09\27@214756 by Brian Gracia
2000\09\28@022320 by Giles

'[PIC]: Library file for plastic thin quad flatpack'
2000\10\06@122903 by Dr. Chris Kirtley
2000\10\06@200834 by staff

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