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PICList Thread
1999\05\10@095626 by Glen

hi james ,

James Cameron wrote:

> Glen wrote:
> > i have a 12c508jw & have tried to read the osscal value prior to
> > programming it.   i can't find the osscal code when i  read the pic
> > when using picprog. it just shows all F's
> If you erased it, then this is what I would expect.  Read it before
> erasing it.  If it's too late, then bad luck.  Either buy another one,
> or ask around for the procedure to re-create it using a test jig.

****************i never programmed it. only tried to read the calibration
value & couldnt

> > since i'll have to install a calibration constant at the beginning of
> > the program (because its a 12c508jw) is this the correct way?
> No.  It should go at the last code location as described in the data
> sheets.  The instruction should be the "movlw" there, and the "movwf"
> should be at 0x00.

****************i read from the microcontroller handbook (2-28)but its
pretty vague( for a beginner that is )sorry but to clarify your statement,
you mean setup like this

config word
       ORG       0x1FF      ;
       ORG       0x000      ; this is what the template shows
       MOVWF     OSCCAL     ;
       GOTO START            ;start of program
 ; rest of code
       MOVLW    CC    ;CC = calibration value (2ND last piece of code)
       end            ;end of code

with thanks , glen

1999\05\10@190634 by James Cameron

Glen wrote:
> James Cameron wrote:
> > If you erased it, then this is what I would expect.
> i never programmed it. only tried to read the calibration
> value & couldnt

Just to clarify; "erasing" the device is when you expose it to an
ultraviolet light source.  "programming" it is when you put it into a
programmer and send code to it.

I suggested you may have erased it and you responded that you had never
programmed it.  Have you erased it?

> you mean setup like this

No, slightly wrong.  I shall change it ...

config word
       ORG       0x000      ;
       MOVWF     OSCCAL     ; store oscillator calibration
       GOTO      START      ; go to start of program
 ; rest of code
       ORG       0x1FF      ;
       MOVLW     CC         ; CC = calibration value
       end                  ; end of the file

The key points to remember are;

       a) the calibration value must be at 0x1ff for 12c508,
       b) the value is to be loaded into the W register,
       c) the CPU starts on reset at 0x1ff and rolls over to 0x000,
       d) if you so desire it, you store W into OSCCAL at 0x000,

James Cameron                                      (

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