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'opaque labels...'
1998\07\12@142301 by William Chops Westfield

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You know ...  I recently bought a labeling kit for CD-R disks, and the
labels supplied are a special "super opaque" variety with a sort of metalized
backing paper.  I don't know how the ecconomics would work out, but this
might be a reasonably easy to locate sorce of opaque material (compared to
special rom labels), although you might have to cut out your own shapes.


1998\07\12@154201 by Peter L. Peres

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Please do try the decoration tape. Any interior decorator has them, and
any better office supply shop. It's metallic or metalized self-adhesive
tape that comes on a roll. It comes in various widths, for narrow PIC
windows, the 10 mm tape is just right. The matte kind is writable and
printable. You get any color you want, with or without design (burnished
'pennies', glitz, matte etc). They are guaranteed UV-proof, although
un-tested (solid metal layer between polymer and paper glue-holder
usually). You get to cut your own length, so you can make it longer than
the chip and glue it to the circuit board ('tamper' - proofing ;) - of
course not the real thing).

I suspect that a 'Brother' tape-label-printer can be misused to print on
this, but I haven' tried.


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