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'novice xtal freq question'
1996\05\15@142702 by David E. Queen

I will be using a 16c65 and need to talk to an I2C eeprom and generate
a interrupt for timing every o.5 ms. I want the output to be accurate +/-
1 ms. I think the code that will be driven by the interrupt will be about
100 instructions. or about .1ms at 4mhz.

I have been going back and forth trying to weigh the pro's and con's
of running at 4mhz or 20mhz. I will be using the windowed parts so
20mhz is not a problem, but I am still weeding through the data sheets,
learning assembler and so forth and would like input from someone how
has maybe done something like this as to what I may be overlooking.
For example is there a certain frequency for the oscillator that if you
go over it makes I2C on a 16c65 more difficult to use?

I am sorry if this is a RTFM type question. I am reading them, but I
am also trying to figure out all they mean. I also live in an area of
Kansas where I have to mail order everything and would like to get some
parts comming to start working on it.

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