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'new proto typing boards'
1999\03\29@173729 by engelec

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Hi to all engineers.

my question is what kind of board should I make ?

currently I am working on new proto typing boards
for all microchips family products. preview sly I ordered
some boards from micro-engineering lab not bad but
it is not ready for most cases.
I am thinking to make boards that will be ready to use

1. ICSP ready " all model "
except 5X all other family pic are  ICSP

2. ready for parallel lcds  4 bit or 8 bit " different version"
most engineers or beginners need board like this to play with
it or to get project done

3. RS232 and eeprom  I2C or SPI  " 2 different versions"
most advanced users need board like this

4. surface mount Flash based MCU  like F84 or some thing else all parts
this kind of board is for almost every body.

any recommendation will highly appreciated.

Andre Abelian

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