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PICList Thread
'new meme: recall: [EE]: Lithium Ion Batteries.. I '
2006\08\16@175812 by Gus S Calabrese

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I would try to be proactive   I would try to get a new meme going.
Each customer with an ugly battery can have it recalled ^or^ sign
a letter of responsibility and get cash or a item from a list.
On 2006-Aug 16, at 08:47hrs AM, peter green wrote:

> Recalling 4 million batteries seems like non-cost-effective approach.
> How many of these buggers have blown ?
> Would not a warning and insurance be cheaper ?
the risk you run there is a court deciding to make a punitive award that
says "whatever you think you saved on not doing that recall frying a
customer will cost you more"


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