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PICList Thread
'new PIC person'
1999\03\15@103508 by Shawn Rich

Hello everyone,

I've just got started in using the PIC and so far things are going
good.  My early success is due in part to the discussions on this list.
Even though I have not had to ask any questions directly to the list
(not yet anyway), I did want to send out a general thank you to
everyone.  Just sitting back and "listing" to the discussion on the list
has been of great help.  Hopefully, as I progress, I can contribute to
the discussions.

As a beginner with the PIC and microcontrollers in general, I can offer
my brief experience so far to anyone else who may be looking to get
started.  After reading the discussions on this list and visiting many
web pages, I decided to purchase the DT.001 programmer by DonTronics.
This has worked out well for me.  I got mine from Wirz ( as
part of one of their starter packs.  This pack also came with Myke
Predko's book "Programming and Customizing the PIC Microcontroller".
I've found the book to be very helpful.  My home os is Linux, so I am
using gpasm and picprg2.2 for my software development.  Both working
just fine so far.

Shawn Rich

Michigan State University
College of Osteopathic Medicine

1999\03\15@111848 by Quentin

Welcome to the world of PICcing, Shawn.

May your PICs PICk your brains in a fortunate way. I hope the experience
is not too PICklelish for you in the future.
Hope you will enjoy PICking all the opportunities the PICs will bring

I still remember enjoying the first time my PIC PICcing along merely.

The only thing I don't like about PICcing is the PICcen deadlines.

Anyway, my mouth is PICcing away from me again.

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