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'neat PIC stuff from Dave Dunfield '
1994\06\13@220452 by eric

The following is an excerpt from a recent message posted to the DS-750 mailing
list by Dave Dunfield (of Micro-C fame).  I haven't tried it, but is sounds
pretty neat.

>From: alfred!tous!stardust!tous!alfred!ucf-cs!!
Date: Wed, 01 Jun 1994 09:44:08 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Development Tools
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I have (in a joint venture with another company) just released a new
product which might be of interest. It is called the P57-MUSTANG, and
consists of a PIC 16C57 pre-programmed with a virtual machine
interpreter, and an 8K (byte) serial EEPROM. A socket for a second
8K EEPROM is provided, and EEPROM can be expanded to a total of 64K
by adding chips to the prototyping area. The serial EEPROM can be
used for both CODE and DATA storage, allowing you to permanently record
configuration etc. from within your program.

The board is 3" by 2" and includes a 1" by 2" prototyping area. The
development kit which includes: 1 board, C compiler, Assembler, Library
(with source code), In-circuit Simulator/Emulator (supporting C source
level debugging), and LOTS of other utilities is priced at $150 US

Individual boards are priced at: $59 US

The U.S. Distributor is:

   P&E Microcomputer Systems Inc.
       P.O. Box 2044
   Woburn, MA  01888
   Tel: (617) 353-9206
   Fax: (613) 353-9205


Dave Dunfield  (
Dunfield Development Systems

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