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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'Robot Circuits: H-bridge motor drive'
1995\06\11@155315 by leeh
1995\06\11@155317 by leeh
'PWM control of 90-volt, 2.4-amp DC motor'
1995\06\16@170614 by BBoles
'PWM control of 90-volt, 2.4-amp DC motor (fwd)'
1995\06\16@201742 by avrogeorgiadis Thanassis
'Motor control on-the-cheap'
1995\06\17@024652 by Mark G. Forbes
'PWM control of 90-volt, 2.4-amp DC motor'
1995\06\17@222819 by Markus Imhof

'[PICLIST] Sensing RC receiver impulses & PWM motor'
1995\11\07@091938 by Valehrach Roman
1995\11\07@114331 by Conny Andersson
1995\11\07@120021 by Mark A. Corio
1995\11\07@135127 by Scott Stephens
1995\11\07@135134 by Scott Stephens
1995\11\07@135319 by Timothy McDonough DIAL UP1
1995\11\07@135935 by Maurizio Conti
1995\11\08@023210 by SONY-OD
1995\11\08@040340 by Clyde Smith-Stubbs
1995\11\10@120511 by Preben Granberg
1995\11\16@073047 by Tony Chilton
'Anyone know a source for stepper motors?'
1995\11\16@092735 by Mike Goelzer
1995\11\16@122554 by Michael Robin
1995\11\16@152826 by Don McKenzie
1995\11\16@181312 by Carl Connett
1995\11\17@200116 by John Barrowman
'[PICLIST] Sensing RC receiver impulses & PWM motor'
1995\11\18@100402 by wurmfeld
1995\11\18@104216 by Mohamad Shalan
1995\11\18@213711 by A.Perkins

'Servo Motors'
1996\03\13@170200 by rry W. Ogletree
'Step Motors'
1996\03\16@134006 by cardo Amezquita
1996\03\16@182219 by Eric Smith
1996\03\18@042943 by Richard G. Thomas
1996\03\18@062537 by Keith Dowsett
1996\03\19@030926 by eyal
'Stepper Motors'
1996\03\19@100659 by muel Yerardi
'Step Motors'
1996\03\19@204313 by cardo Amezquita
'Motorola 6805/11 user group?'
1996\03\25@160327 by Barry R Gordon
1996\03\26@021853 by Philippe TECHER
1996\03\28@013349 by Andrew Warren

'High power motor control'
1996\04\26@084311 by Paco Rodrmguez Ballester
1996\04\29@024352 by Philippe TECHER
1996\04\29@092028 by Brad Turner
1996\04\30@045408 by Philippe TECHER

'Motor Quadrature encoder adjustment.'
1996\06\22@200454 by Alexandre Guimaraes
1996\06\22@203152 by John Payson
1996\06\26@070355 by Joe McCauley

'Driving Motors - Help!'
1996\07\12@113242 by myke predko
1996\07\12@121908 by Mark K Sullivan
1996\07\12@124703 by Martin J. Maney
'Driving Motors - Help! -Reply'
1996\07\12@130811 by Mark Jurras
1996\07\12@132515 by myke predko
1996\07\12@132918 by myke predko
1996\07\12@134001 by Mark Jurras
1996\07\12@161437 by Don McKenzie
1996\07\12@163817 by Mark K Sullivan
1996\07\12@174602 by Ben L Wirz
1996\07\13@130625 by Mark K Sullivan
1996\07\15@025811 by Prashant Bhandary
1996\07\15@105932 by Mark K Sullivan
'More on Driving Motors'
1996\07\15@115018 by myke predko
1996\07\15@123047 by Mark K Sullivan
1996\07\15@131912 by Martin J. Maney
'Driving Motors - Help!'
1996\07\15@141641 by Reginald Neale
'More on Driving Motors'
1996\07\15@173104 by myke predko
1996\07\15@175451 by Paul Smith
1996\07\15@202258 by Steve Hardy
1996\07\15@222207 by ay McGregor
'Driving Motors - protection diodes'
1996\07\15@224050 by Bryan Hord
'More on Driving Motors'
1996\07\15@231438 by Steve Hardy
1996\07\15@235245 by Lee Jones
'More on Driving Motors - Responses'
1996\07\16@095659 by myke predko
1996\07\16@103229 by Mark K Sullivan
'More on Driving Motors - Responses -Reply'
1996\07\16@111221 by Mark Jurras
1996\07\16@145320 by myke predko

'Stepper Motors'
1996\08\23@184735 by Philip Lalone
1996\08\25@140251 by Mark K Sullivan
1996\08\25@211047 by Philip Lalone
1996\08\25@212128 by Prashant Bhandary
1996\08\26@064020 by R.J.Smith
're stepper motor driver'
1996\08\26@085630 by kevin harris
'Stepper Motors'
1996\08\26@085635 by Mark K Sullivan
'Multiplexing stepping motors'
1996\08\31@051005 by rrose
1996\08\31@201145 by Todd Peterson

'Multiplexing stepper motors'
1996\09\01@212119 by Mark K Sullivan
'Multiplexing stepping motors'
1996\09\02@035527 by liebchen
'Multiplexing stepper motors'
1996\09\02@122939 by Mark K Sullivan

'step motor'
1996\10\14@183330 by Nihat Dagdemir
1996\10\15@000744 by Todd Peterson
1996\10\15@004114 by kozodaev
1996\10\15@032139 by William Chops Westfield
1996\10\15@041506 by Keith Dowsett
1996\10\15@105858 by John Piccirillo
1996\10\15@132206 by Larry G. Nelson Sr.
1996\10\16@153320 by BARBAROS ASUROGLU

'Stepper Motor Driver using PIC'
1997\01\03@201959 by rgreason
1997\01\04@093955 by Fred Thompson
1997\01\04@151850 by Brent Miller
1997\01\04@154141 by Mike
1997\01\04@191741 by Walter Banks
1997\01\05@015134 by Matthew Mucker
1997\01\05@095637 by Martin Nilsson
1997\01\06@100459 by Kevin Krauel
'Clock Motor Update'
1997\01\10@181321 by Bob Blick
'Servo control of a DC Motor'
1997\01\16@160207 by Luciano Cadaval Basso
1997\01\16@222614 by Bryan Mumford

'Control a Motor'
1997\05\01@075836 by Osama ALASSIRY
1997\05\01@100533 by wft
1997\05\01@162706 by David W. Duley
1997\05\01@194618 by rrose
1997\05\02@035900 by Osama ALASSIRY
'DC Motor error'
1997\05\02@044439 by jattievdl
1997\05\02@110951 by lrich
'Floppy Drive Stepper Motor Control'
1997\05\13@005627 by Mike Ghormley
1997\05\15@101709 by Paul Kolesnikoff

'code for stepper motors'
1997\07\17@172834 by Frank Vinnerlid
1997\07\17@210005 by Rildo Pragana
1997\07\18@022140 by Philippe
1997\07\25@130929 by jorge melluso
1997\07\25@141517 by lrich

'Cheap Motor drivers [OT]'
1997\09\10@153737 by lilel
1997\09\10@163952 by lilel
1997\09\10@163958 by Pierce Nichols
1997\09\10@164003 by Lawrence Lile
'(Fwd) Re: Cheap Motor drivers [OT]'
1997\09\10@172809 by lilel
1997\09\10@172938 by lilel
'Cheap Motor drivers [OT]'
1997\09\10@193510 by Mike Keitz
'(Fwd) Re: Cheap Motor drivers [OT]'
1997\09\10@195608 by Cliff Rogers
1997\09\10@234905 by Andrew Russell Morris
1997\09\11@090650 by Lynn Richardson
1997\09\11@094919 by lilel
1997\09\11@100407 by lilel
1997\09\11@101513 by lilel
'Cheap Motor drivers [OT]'
1997\09\11@120849 by David W. Duley
'(Fwd) Re: Cheap Motor drivers [OT]'
1997\09\11@121259 by David W. Duley
1997\09\11@140526 by Larry Payne
1997\09\11@142456 by Steve Smith
'Index : Power : Motor Control : Driver Circuits : '
1997\09\11@152328 by aydin
'Cheap Motor drivers [OT]'
1997\09\12@015101 by Josef Hanzal
1997\09\12@092420 by lilel
'PIC project using small DC motors'
1997\09\12@164232 by webmaster
1997\09\12@170051 by Shane Nelson
1997\09\13@004743 by Todd Erickson
1997\09\13@025354 by Cliff Rogers

'pic based crystal motor speed control'
1997\11\12@113853 by cinetron
1997\11\12@131150 by Paul BRITTON
'MIDI to servo motor'
1997\11\14@104321 by Stefan Lidstrom
1997\11\14@173526 by Steve Smith
1997\11\15@071032 by Leo Bodnar
1997\11\20@145400 by Walter Markiw
1997\11\20@190352 by Robert Nansel
1997\11\21@012250 by Mike Keitz
1997\11\21@130705 by Bill Von Novak
1997\11\22@153056 by Steve Smith
1997\11\24@160921 by paulb
'Driving steper motors'
1997\11\30@134252 by Steve Smith
1997\11\30@140913 by Herbert Graf
'Driving stepper motors'
1997\11\30@141327 by Stephen H Alsop

'[OT] Small stepper motors (Was: Re: Driving steper'
1997\12\01@035230 by ht
1997\12\01@082337 by Ivan Cenov
1997\12\01@094403 by John Shreffler
1997\12\02@233109 by Bruce Cannon
'PIC & Motorola's OPTOBUS'
1997\12\15@221433 by Pablo
1997\12\16@104155 by Mcorio
1997\12\16@161447 by paulh

'Stepper motor program'
1998\01\21@065527 by Joseph H Shepherd
1998\01\21@175729 by Glen Benson
'Need sources: Sub-Miniature motors'
1998\01\25@151700 by Craig Webb
1998\01\25@162529 by Charles Laforge
1998\01\25@170212 by Morgan Olsson
1998\01\25@174354 by Joel A. Kunze
1998\01\26@143741 by Craig Webb
1998\01\26@143746 by Craig Webb
1998\01\26@145740 by Conor O'Rourke
1998\01\26@151539 by carlott
1998\01\26@171655 by Reginald Neale
'Stepper motor control with a 16C54'
1998\01\26@175201 by tsk3000
'Need sources: Sub-Miniature motors'
1998\01\26@182725 by Morgan Olsson
1998\01\26@192320 by Charles Laforge
1998\01\27@045433 by Morgan Olsson
'stepper motor theory'
1998\01\30@171432 by Aaron Hickman
1998\01\31@094606 by Allan Hopkins

'stepper motor theory'
1998\02\02@005609 by Warren Auld
'Motor controller with PIC and L293 driver'
1998\02\10@193627 by Nick
1998\02\11@093707 by Larry Payne
1998\02\11@115233 by William Chapman
1998\02\11@151553 by Charles Laforge
1998\02\11@160118 by kotay
1998\02\12@115025 by steve
1998\02\16@111523 by PATEL D
1998\02\17@144301 by alex_holden
'Motorola Origins, was Re: Embedded Controller Hand'
1998\02\27@123511 by Don L. Jackson
1998\02\27@190628 by Andy Kunz

'Driving step-motor from PIC'
1998\03\06@174319 by fcembrola
1998\03\06@194535 by Mark S.
1998\03\06@203104 by kotay
1998\03\07@044152 by Luberth
1998\03\10@031452 by Josef Hanzal
1998\03\10@042222 by Morgan Olsson
1998\03\10@163044 by Alessandro Zummo
1998\03\11@142621 by S.V.S. inc
'Sequence for stepping motor'
1998\03\15@131112 by fcembrola
1998\03\15@152342 by Morgan Olsson
'[OT] Electric motor theory'
1998\03\27@210241 by wft

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