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'moron Not read: [slightly OT, longish] Forward Co'
1998\10\26@112725 by Martin McCormick

       I got curious as to what this junk was, myself and did a tiny
bit of digging at the messages.  I use mh and mmdf which are good UNIX
no-nonsense text-based applications that handle mail.  The mh user
agent croaks on these MSTSNEF binaries so I decided to look at it to
see what it is.  First of all, it comes as a base64 attachment so it
looks like utter garbage if you try to read it straight.  After
decoding the base64, we have a binary blob of data that looks somewhat
like a word processor file.  I do not believe it is supposed to
execute, just look pretty on your Micro$oft screen.  I used the UNIX
strings utility to see if there was any recoverable text and got:

[slightly OT, longish] Forward Converter Help?
Eisermann, Phil
Eisermann, Phil
[slightly OT, longish] Forward Converter Help?
pic microcontroller discussion list
pic microcontroller discussion list
[slightly OT, longish] Forward Converter Help?
Message was not read by:
C:\WINNT\Profiles\jon\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\outlook.pst

       I don't know what non-text junk also existed in this binary,
but it is obviously the result of a totally brain-dead process.

       After attempting to decode it, I feel like the recipient of
one of those jokes in which somebody writes, "how do you keep a total
moron busy?  See other side."  You turn it over and it says, "How do
you keep a total moron busy?  See other side."  I guess that makes me
the moron today.:-)

Martin McCormick WB5AGZ  Stillwater, OK
OSU Center for Computing and Information Services Data Communications Group

1998\10\26@162524 by Brian Whittaker


This type of message is generated automatically by Microsoft Outlook's
Email filter when it decides an incoming Email is Spam or pornographic.

The user has to enable the "Spam filter" for this to happen.

I decided the Spam filter was ill-conceived and disabled it only a few hours
after I enabled it.

Unfortunately once enabled, even after the Spam filter is disabled, Outlook
still occasionally generates this type of message. I have found them in my out
box and deleted them before they were sent. If someone is working "Online" then
the message will be sent without the user's knowledge. Or ( I hope not in my
case), one could forget to check, and send the "not read message" by mistake.

To date I have not found a positive cause, and work-around, for this problem. My
current best theory is the Spam filter creates and exception list in the rules
wizard folder. This must be the first rule and it must say. Do not search
message for commercial or adult content"

I do not believe the two names in your previous posting are the source of the
"not read" Email. These names were probably in the Email that Outlook decided
was "Spam", however it would not hurt if they checked their Email filters if
they are using Outlook.

The origin of the "not read" message "NDEST" is hidden to protect the user's
Email address from the potential abuse by the "Spammer".

Does any one out there have a better theory?

. . . Brian

> {Original Message removed}

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