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'moron Not read: [slightly OT,'
1998\10\26@170743 by Vic Pace

---- you wrote:
>         I got curious as to what this junk was, myself and did a tiny
> bit of digging at the messages.  I use mh and mmdf which are good UNIX
> no-nonsense text-based applications that handle mail.  The mh user
>         After attempting to decode it, I feel like the recipient of
> one of those jokes in which somebody writes, "how do you keep a total
> moron busy?  See other side."  You turn it over and it says, "How do
> you keep a total moron busy?  See other side."  I guess that makes me
> the moron today.:-)
> Martin McCormick WB5AGZ  Stillwater, OK
> OSU Center for Computing and Information Services
Data Communications Group

Why does moron, UNIX and Y2K problem end up in the same paragraph? .. and here..

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