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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'OT:Pics in automobiles'
1998\03\07@090958 by john pearson
'Automobile Tachometer'
1998\03\08@105237 by john pearson
'OT:Pics in automobiles'
1998\03\08@235256 by tjaart
1998\03\09@001938 by TONY NIXON 54964
1998\03\09@010300 by tjaart
1998\03\09@134336 by andre
'[OT] automobile oxygen sensors'
1998\03\30@003152 by Bob Blick

'Mobile phone data tranfers'
1998\08\18@034637 by Jason Tuendemann
'>Mobile phone data tranfers'
1998\08\20@103434 by MacBrick (Ronald Leenes)
1998\08\20@192756 by Jason Tuendemann
'Mobile phone data tranfers'
1998\08\20@223221 by Chris Cole
1998\08\21@005902 by tjaart
1998\08\21@025234 by Regulus Berdin
1998\08\21@042654 by Steve Lawther
1998\08\21@092344 by Peter L. Peres
1998\08\21@150211 by White Horse Design
1998\08\22@083508 by wwl

'search robot arm or robot mobil'
1998\09\25@112445 by Yves Heilig
1998\09\28@020938 by Dr. Imre Bartfai
1998\09\28@023025 by shadedemon

'[OT]Pioneer automobile P-bus'
1998\12\07@142226 by Bob Blick
1998\12\07@184218 by Ricardo Seixas
1998\12\07@195248 by Bob Blick
'[OT]ish... Cellular/mobile phone interface & proto'
1998\12\10@023912 by Jacques Vrey
'OT: Perpetuum Mobile'
1998\12\20@144328 by luberth
1998\12\20@163340 by paulb
1998\12\21@073940 by
1998\12\21@101256 by Andy Kunz
1998\12\21@120107 by Peter L. Peres
1998\12\21@124103 by Alice Campbell
1998\12\21@155721 by Andy Kunz
1998\12\22@005033 by Tjaart van der Walt
1998\12\22@070017 by paulb
1998\12\22@073625 by
1998\12\22@082652 by Andy Kunz
1998\12\22@124228 by Andy Kunz
1998\12\22@133017 by Gerhard Fiedler
1998\12\22@154003 by Andy Kunz
1998\12\22@161937 by paulb

'Wall Detector for Mobile Robot'
2000\03\20@090909 by Werner Soekoe
2000\03\20@093259 by Alan Pearce
2000\03\20@093718 by Michael Rigby-Jones
2000\03\20@093724 by Dale Botkin
2000\03\20@102523 by Mark Newland
2000\03\20@110004 by Dave Johnson
2000\03\20@112139 by teix1

'[EE]: Ericsson Chatboard, mobile phone BUS'
2000\08\05@013958 by athearle
2000\08\08@064048 by athearle
2000\08\09@184357 by Peter L. Peres

'[EE]: MoboRobos <-- How to control a motor'
2000\11\07@233315 by Dan Michaels
2000\11\07@234554 by Dan Michaels
2000\11\08@002652 by Bill Westfield
2000\11\08@093453 by staff
2000\11\08@100348 by Dan Michaels
2000\11\12@013544 by Dan Michaels

'[PICLIST] [EE] Mobile Phone'
2001\01\08@114909 by WALSH, Scott
2001\01\08@115339 by Alan B. Pearce
2001\01\08@115531 by Alan B. Pearce
2001\01\08@115537 by Bond Peter S-petbond1
2001\01\08@115958 by Richard Sloan
2001\01\08@120032 by Paul Reilly
2001\01\08@121022 by Richard Sloan
2001\01\08@121504 by WALSH, Scott
2001\01\08@131309 by Stein Sem-Jacobsen
2001\01\08@140035 by hard Prosser
2001\01\08@141744 by Bob Ammerman
2001\01\08@170143 by P.C. Uiterlinden
2001\01\08@171357 by Nathan D. Holmes
2001\01\09@065946 by Bond Peter S-petbond1
2001\01\09@100116 by aipi Wijnbergen
2001\01\09@181756 by dre Domingos F. Souza
'[EE]:mobil phone II'
2001\01\10@080945 by jcsa Laszlo AII III
'[EE]: +12V and +5V in automoble'
2001\01\24@091351 by Richard Sloan
'[PICLIST] !Re: [EE]: +12V and +5V in automoble'
2001\01\24@093429 by Thomas C. Sefranek
'[EE]: +12V and +5V in automoble'
2001\01\24@095502 by Gordon Varney (personal)
2001\01\24@100331 by Alan B. Pearce
2001\01\24@100536 by Richard Sloan
2001\01\24@110013 by Gordon Varney (personal)
'[PICLIST] !Re: [EE]: +12V and +5V in automoble'
2001\01\24@113100 by Dan Michaels
2001\01\24@134654 by Barry Gershenfeld
2001\01\24@140735 by Dan Michaels
'[EE]: +12V and +5V in automoble'
2001\01\24@142017 by Charles Morgan
2001\01\24@143026 by David VanHorn
2001\01\24@143225 by David VanHorn
'[PICLIST] !Re: [EE]: +12V and +5V in automoble'
2001\01\24@143442 by Arthur Brown
2001\01\24@145726 by M. Adam Davis
2001\01\24@153742 by Dale Botkin
2001\01\24@160918 by Dan Michaels
2001\01\24@173735 by Dale Botkin
'[EE:] Mobile Phone'
2001\01\24@183226 by Paul Erkiert
'[EE]: +12V and +5V in automoble'
2001\01\24@203920 by McMeikan, Andrew
'[EE]: Selecting High Side drivers for 24V mobile p'
2001\01\24@230903 by 2?Q?Alexandre_N._Guimar=E3es?=
'[EE]: +12V and +5V in automoble'
2001\01\25@043400 by Alan B. Pearce

'[EE]: +12V and +5V in automoble'
2001\02\05@013702 by Gennette, Bruce
2001\02\05@070256 by Russell McMahon
2001\02\05@101640 by Thys Van Tonder
2001\02\05@173528 by Chris Carr
2001\02\05@180031 by steve
2001\02\06@175351 by Michael Rigby-Jones
2001\02\06@181301 by Lance Allen
2001\02\07@011340 by Ray Russell
2001\02\07@072021 by Michael Rigby-Jones
2001\02\07@093349 by M. Adam Davis
2001\02\07@104030 by David VanHorn
2001\02\09@172918 by Charles Morgan
'[PIC]: Mobile Phone Data'
2001\02\14@091727 by Malcolm Whinfield

'[PICLIST] 1 gig hard drive and a 3-D mapping mobil'
2001\03\06@192703 by Steve Bergerson

'[OT]: Automobile traffic light trigger device'
2001\10\12@124254 by Kevin Olalde
2001\10\12@124922 by Ned Konz
2001\10\12@134946 by Scott Dattalo
2001\10\12@151430 by Chris Eddy
2001\10\12@152108 by Herbert Graf
2001\10\12@190818 by Josh Koffman
2001\10\12@204219 by Bob Barr
2001\10\16@160206 by Lawrence Lile
2001\10\16@163801 by =?iso-8859-1?B?Tm9tZWwgoA== ?=
2001\10\16@171454 by Kevin Olalde
2001\10\16@171512 by =?iso-8859-1?B?Tm9tZWwgoA== ?=
2001\10\16@172856 by Salym Asp.
2001\10\16@202029 by M. Adam Davis
2001\10\17@041837 by Roman Black
2001\10\17@083844 by Cyle Sprick
2001\10\17@093338 by Kevin Olalde
2001\10\17@194332 by =?iso-8859-1?B?Tm9tZWwgoA== ?=
2001\10\18@155146 by Salym Asp.
'[PIC]: Controlling Nokia mobiles'
2001\10\25@184256 by Luke Murphy

'[EE]:PIC vs PLC in mobile instrumentation/system m'
2001\11\26@090730 by Mark A. Chalkley

'[PIC]:m2m mobile phone'
2002\02\23@062336 by brah
2002\02\23@103433 by iklas Wennerstrand
2002\02\23@113519 by Donny Tan
2002\02\25@055120 by Carlos Ojea
2002\02\26@041559 by Vasile Surducan
'[PIC]: Mobile module - multiplexer protocol'
2002\02\27@095743 by Carlos Ojea

'[OT]: Controlling a Nokia mobile using PICs....'
2002\07\21@171219 by Oliver Spencer

'[EE]: New NZ mobile data service'
2002\08\20@063235 by Russell McMahon

'[EE]: mobile phone ring LED indicator circuit'
2003\01\26@190424 by Benjamin Bromilow

'[[OT]: Canada only: Bell Mobility direct marketin'
2003\03\01@172225 by Dwayne Reid

'[OT]: Mobile Data Terminals'
2003\07\31@154637 by Josh Koffman

'[EE:] Safety problems with mobile phones'
2003\11\07@055630 by Russell McMahon
2003\11\10@155320 by M. Adam Davis

'[PIC:]Sensors for Mobile Robots'
2003\12\05@180319 by Elias Nakos
2003\12\05@181321 by D. Jay Newman
2003\12\05@231747 by vetri
2003\12\05@232825 by D. Jay Newman
2003\12\06@014026 by Russell McMahon
'[PIC:] Sensors for mobile robots &/| LEPs'
2003\12\06@083122 by Elias Nakos
2003\12\06@095207 by DOC
2003\12\06@141428 by D Yates
2003\12\06@211558 by Russell McMahon

'[PIC:]-PicDemPlus2-Demoboard and Usart'
2004\02\08@023317 by manolov
2004\02\08@093053 by Olin Lathrop
2004\02\08@123533 by Bob Barr
2004\02\08@134448 by tom_mcgahee
2004\02\08@161221 by manolov
'[OT]: Nano-ITX 120cm X 120cm PC mobo'
2004\02\10@201017 by Tom
2004\02\10@201841 by D. Jay Newman
'[OT:] server Mobo version?'
2004\02\16@232046 by Jonathan Johnson
2004\02\16@232046 by Jonathan Johnson
2004\02\17@040852 by Hulatt, Jon
2004\02\17@040852 by Hulatt, Jon
2004\02\17@050403 by No Religion
2004\02\17@050403 by No Religion
2004\02\17@182548 by Jonathan Johnson
'[OT:] server Mobo version? Tag fix'
2004\02\17@191645 by Jonathan Johnson
'[OT:] Mobo capacitors'
2004\02\17@211439 by john chung
2004\02\17@230536 by Jamie
2004\02\17@232159 by Liam O'Hagan
2004\02\18@002834 by Liam O'Hagan
'[PIC:]-PicDemPlus2-Demoboard and Usart'
2004\02\23@084719 by manolov

'[EE:] Automobile Interfacing'
2004\05\27@152713 by Matthew Brush
2004\05\27@153543 by Ake Hedman
2004\05\27@153544 by Joe Jansen/TECH/HQ/KEMET/US
2004\05\27@154618 by Alex Harford
2004\05\27@154825 by Jai Dhar
2004\05\27@154826 by Matthew Brush
2004\05\27@185511 by Matthew Brush
2004\05\27@190342 by steve
2004\05\27@224323 by M. Adam Davis
2004\05\28@233414 by Vitaliy
2004\05\29@001437 by Vitaliy
2004\05\29@030026 by Ake Hedman

'[OT] Rocket firing on mobile rocket test stand'
2005\01\31@230048 by Russell McMahon

'[OT] Mobsync'
2005\12\23@135259 by David VanHorn
2005\12\23@142528 by Mario Mendes Jr.
2005\12\23@143627 by David VanHorn
2005\12\23@152440 by Steph Smith
2005\12\24@105433 by John Ferrell
2005\12\24@110429 by David VanHorn

'[EE] Xilinix Demoboard Files'
2006\04\04@170812 by Mike Hord
2006\04\04@174915 by alan smith
2006\04\04@182520 by Mike Harrison
'[EE] Mobile phone - GPS Interference'
2006\04\05@065428 by Joe Mailer
2006\04\05@141254 by David Minkler
2006\04\05@165411 by Sean Schouten
2006\04\05@222527 by Nate Duehr
2006\04\05@223748 by Nate Duehr
2006\04\06@181832 by Howard Winter
2006\04\06@182452 by Howard Winter
2006\04\06@184528 by Dave King
2006\04\07@030246 by Nate Duehr

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