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PICList Thread
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1994\05\11@121623 by jory

face picon face

I am jory, and I maintain this list.

Thanks for joining.

I'd like to point out that after I set up the list, several people emailed
me with the likes of the followng:

>What's wrong with the one that already exists, ?
>It was created a couple of months ago for discussion of the Basic STAMP
>programmed PIC, and general PIC stuff.

I am not familiar with this other list (I just sent a subscribe msg), so I
can't say how the two compare/complement/compete/etc.

However, someone else pointed out that this list (
could complement the other list ( by focusing on
assembly programming and hardware issues.

However, I am also willing to consolidate the lists if people want that...
right now I am taking a wait and see attitude.

My personal interest is in assmbly programming and hardware issues.

I am presently using a 16c84 in an oceanographic instrument we've
developed. We are running @ 32 KHz, and our boards are set up to allow us
to reprogram the PIC in-situ via a serial downloader connected to a MAC (I
use a very tasty programmer/downloader, the Microburner 512 by Baradine
Products, which connects to my MAC (or any PC) via the serial port.) I also
use a MAC-based assembler. The only thing I need to run under SOFT-PC is
Microchip's simulation software.
Another bonus of the Microburner (which costs about $300 I think) is that
for around $50-100 you can get different adapter pod things in order to
program other PICs or other manufaacturers chips.

I've been working on other aspects of the project for the past couple
months, but will soon return to PIC programming for a spell.

My most recent software mini-project was implementing serial i/o on the PIC
@ 32KHz (in order to test our breadboard version of our hardware). Although
there is an appnote in the embedded control handbook on async serial (and
code on the microchip bulletin board) there were a few minor problems with
their approach.

1. It had some scaling constants based on crystal speed which required a
bunch of rounding and didn't work very well at low speeds (the resolution
of their approach was simply not fine enough).

1200 BAUD is so fast for a 32KHz crystal, that I ended up just coding it in
a stright fashion (no subroutine calls, etc). When I did need a pause, I
just used a nop.

However, I was still using the original bit send/ bit receive code from the
appnote. But:

2. If you look at the appnote code (the async routine) for sending serial,
you'll note that it takes one more instruction to send a one than it does
to send a zero, leading to an unpredictable differential in the total
length of a byte depending on the bits involved.

So I rewrote their send/receive routines to be tastier and (more
importantly) symmetrical.

Anyway, just a tidbit from my recent experience.

Moreover, I am still quite a programming neophyte, but I've found the PIC's
assembly to be quite fun and elegant.

In addition to the PIC email list, I am also interested in compiling (or
helping smoeone else compile) a PIC FAQ (assuming a good one doesn't
already exist). Additionally, it might be nice to set up another FTP site
(I know of that one in (Sweden was it?) but it seemed a bit out of date at
any one time, and I also feel you can't have too many FTP sites.)

In a PIC-related project not likely of wide interest to the rest of the group:
Right now, I am collecting various crystals (can and surface mount) in
order to find out which can withstand very high pressures, since out
instrument goes to the bottom of the ocean, and our electronics are
suspended in Fluorinert (a non-conducting fluid made by 3M, commonly used
in heat cycle testing of electronics) and see full ocean pressure.

Please sned questions/comments about the list to (that way my mailer can sort them into the
right mailbox).

I welcome feedback.



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