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'measuring current pulses to imply torque'
2003\02\10@184748 by Olin Lathrop

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> I'd like to use a PIC to measure the torque on an R/C servo.  For my
> project, it would suffice to measure the pulse widths of current sent to
> motor by the h-bridge in the servo.

Note that this is a rather poor approximation to torque.  It does not take
the motor back EMF into account, nor the flywheel current thru the diodes
during the PWM off phase.  You can compensate for these in software
somewhat if you know the speed of the motor and the inductance of the
motor coils.  The latter can be measured once for the type of motor, but
the former would have to be measured on the fly.

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2003\02\10@200413 by Derek Cowburn

I'd settle for a close approximation of "energy expended".  (Average_current
- idle_current) might work.

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