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'max548acpa serial dacs'
1998\07\02@131115 by R. & C. Gipson

hello everyone.  first of all i would like to say i enjoy this list very
much.  i don't contribute as a rule, but read every post with care and
try to analyze the comments.  there is a lot of talent contributing to
the list.

i just got bit with the maxim curse.  most of you that use their parts
know what i am referring to.  the serial dac i am using is out of stock
and is not expected for a long time.   maxim is saying six (6) weeks or
longer.  with maxim, it is generally longer.  i was warned to carry a
six month inventory of maxim parts, i did not listen!

i need about ten more pieces of the max548acpa to ship the remainder of
my samples.  if anyone has a couple of max548acpa dacs extra, could they
email me privately?  i will pay a fair price.

btw, the dacs are used in a 6 amp microstepping motor drive.  the
controller is a pic16c61.



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