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'mac pic develpoment '
1994\01\11@190424 by jory

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From: Blackbird                                                 Msg#: 13089
 To: Voytovich
 Re: Macintosh versions?
     (Reply to #13026)

There is a very good Macintosh assembler for the PIC called uASM from
Micro Dialects Inc, PO Box 190, Loveland, OH 45140, Ph: 513/271-9100.
It has integrated text editor, assembler, and communications modules.
It assembles code at between 7,500 to  lines per minute, fully supports
automatic labels, local labels, conditionally assembly, includes to 10
level deep.  The editor supports up to 10 open files at a time, full
search and replace including grep searches,  and file size limited only
by RAM available.  The terminal emulator supports data transfers at up
to 38,400 buad.  We have been using this assembler for over a year now
and have had no problems at all.  MDI is currently working on an upgrade
to support the 16C71, 84, 64, and 17C42.

We also use a programmer from Beradine Products Ltd, PO Box 86757, North
Vancouver, BC CANADA V7L4L3, Ph: 604/988-9853.  Gary Anderson is very
helpful and makes the only RS-232 termial serial port compatible
programmer I know of.  It supports communications up to 38,400 baud,
stand-alone or host operation, and is very inexpensive.  We have also
used this for over a year with no problems.

We use Macintosh for development partly because our application is for
the AppleTalk environment.  However we have found that development in
the Mac environment is much easier and more productive because of the
integration of these products.  The only thing we miss is the capability
to run a simulator or ICE from our Mac.  For those things we must use
our MS-DOS PC.

Good Luck,
Kevin L. Schoen

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