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'little [PIC] more [EE]5v PIC <> 3v3 logic'
2000\05\18@021652 by Vasile Surducan

On 18 May 00, at 15:22, David Duffy wrote:

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 It's the best ideea, I don't know how I forgot ... PIC will see as
high level anything up to ~1,8V...2V .
And a CMOS have thresolds at 1/3 and 2/3 from VDD so 2/3 from
5V is 3.3V that's the reason why CMOS are unhappy when is
supplied at 5V and interfaced with a signal coming from a 3.3V
circuit... and not because of schmitt trigger inputs...
But a good (standard) CMOS chip will work either at 3V (with
frequency limitation ) so no problem...
Surducan Vasile, engineer

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