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'lcd display +ram'
1996\03\25@123049 by n Carstens

Hi everyone,

To the chap with the 6264 which eats nicads for breakfast.
The datasheet of the ram chip 6264 states that to retain info with battery
the Vcc and chip enable pins must be held at two thirds of Vcc. (important
2/3) Also try to use schottky diodes for the battery to chip supply. Also
try to isolate the chip enable pin with a fet as a lot of current goes lost
in the chip enable pin going to the decoding logic.I built a
8031 board with a 62256 ram chip and it has kept info for nearly 9 months
on a cr2016 lithuim battery

Can anyone please help me with the following. I am using a 1 line by 20
LCD display for a barometer project using the pic71. My problem is the
display is old and the backlighting is failling. Can anyone please give me
a source of backlighting manufacturers.

BTW I think this forum is great.


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