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'layout software recommendations'
2005\07\06@135900 by olin piclist

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Rob Robson wrote:
> I'm hoping someone can recommend a fairly intuitive schematic entry /
> board layout package in the US$1000-or-under range.  It needs to be
> able to create production quality gerber output for double-sided boards
> with silkscreen and soldermask layers, as well as drilling guides.
> Components are mostly surface mount, but none smaller than 1206 at
> present.  Does anyone have a favorite package that fits these specs?

Almost.  That's a lot to ask for under $1000.  I use Eagle, which is $1200
for the first seat.  However, if you have multiple users, its only $300 for
the next few seats.  Eagle has its quirks, like any complex system, but all
in all it's a great value.  It is also steadily getting better.

Embed Inc, embedded system specialists in Littleton Massachusetts
(978) 742-9014,

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